It was a lucky accident... I´m a woman, so a sales pitch came along and the La Sardina DIY was mine. ; ) Then it all starts, so I became a lomonaut. I´m happy because of the variety of pictures I found here, the inspiration and that I´m part of the comunity. You all take great photos.
As you can see, I choose different films, cameras, locations and motifs.
So if you like the one or another pic, then show me and push the "LIKE"-button. Thank you and welcome in my home. :)

Camera Collection, my Babys: 📷

La Sardina DIY
Canon EOS 300 X
Canon EOS 500
Lomo LC-Wide
Lomo LC-A
Konica C35 EFP
Canon AE-1
Canon AV-1
Fujifilm Fuji Instax Mini 7S
Praktica MTL 5
Diana F+
Diana Mini

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