I burn film recklessly & caress my negatives gently.

I wear enamel down to brass & steal & blister my fingers.

I am teetering on the precipice of immortal glory & unforgivable, unlivable tragedy, in other words; the shutter release.

When I am not basking in the tranquility of solitude I obsessively watch beautiful people moving, gesturing, expressing life with mathematical perfection of lines, angles, curves, light & shadows in space & in time.

Sometimes I can't stop talking. Sometimes I can't stop watching. I can never stop watching. I can never be caught without a camera in my hand. If I miss a shot, it's because I was looking too hard & enjoying the experience. If I get a shot, it's because everything in the universe came together with exactly enough force, at exactly the right time to get the exposure, get the focus, to get the moment & be a part of the moment & there was nothing I could do to stop it.…

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