Last fall I took an Existentialism class at the college. Great instructor, he urged us to implement the philosophy we were reading about in our daily lives. At one point we were studying Nietzche's theory of recurrence and I considered how many moments of my life I've forgotten. I called my friend that night, very upset.

"Emily, I've forgotten everything. I only have a few vague memories left to show for an entire lifetime. It's all been for nothing."

She reminded me of when we first met, hiding behind a bush. We were playing hide-and-seek at the college back home. We were 18. We scurried from hiding place to hiding place pretending to be like Scooby Doo, assuming the shape of whatever we were hiding behind. I had completely forgotten that night.

It was then that it occurred to me that I should take up photography, because left to my memory, it all just gets blown away.


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