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When I was growing up my mother had a passion for her first Minolta SLR Camera and my father for his Sony Handycam. I was more fascinated with my mothers Camera.

Christmas four years my brother Shaun and I had the ingenious idea of getting each other the same Christmas Present a dSLR camera. Neither of us had a clue... Shopping at the Mall of Millennia we came across Holga Camera's at Urban Outfitters Shaun invested in Holga Color Camera and I was lucky to find a Holga 35mm Fisheye Camera with removable lens.
For the following years we both experimented with our cameras. I was so excited about the Fisheye lens, so Shaun started experimenting with his own Lomography Fisheye camera. Last summer during a vacation with my awesome girlfriend I lost my Holga :( on our way to the airport.

I must have been a good boy, because Santa put the Plastic Fantastic and the Spinner 360 underneath the "Holiday" tree. :) So I believe it is time to start investing more time to analog photography. Hope to grow as an analog photographer in this Community.

See you out there,


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