Eric Luk Ho Man is a Hong Kong based amateur photographer/lomographer. He graduated from Swinburne University of Technology in 2007 with a Degree in of Design (Communication). Working as a graphic designer in a production house and a in-house design team in next 2 years. Then, he joined in a media company, contributing in designing, producing and publishing magazines,combining design with photography.

Eric enjoys to use film cameras, including toy cameras like Lomography cameras and Holga cameras, also with the classic cameras such as Nikon FM2 (SLR), Konica Auto S3 (rangefinder), Rolleiflex (TLR) and Hasselblad 205FCC (SLR). He also love to shoot with Polaroid cameras.

In mid-July 2010, Eric held his first personal exhibition in Central, Hong Kong, supported by petit morpho (, showing his way of seeing.

Start from mid-October, he was invited by Mint (, a group of Polaroid fans, to shoot the photos and group them into a few collage artworks.

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