Born in '80s. Analogue photographer since '90s.

A pen in the hand does not make a writer, a camera in the hands does not make a photographer. Just an amateur, drawing with light. Walking along the way of getting rid by the figurative side of photography, by the “ontological” illusion that photography is only a representation and not an interpretation of reality.

Zeiss Ikon Taxona equipped with Zeiss Tessar 3.5/37.5mm lens ('50s of XX). Dacora Dignette ('50s of XX). Bencini Comet NK135 automatic ('70s of XX). Minox 35 GT ('80s of XX). Lomo Lubitel 166 Universal ('80s of XX). Minolta Riva Zoom 75w ('90s of XX). Olympus Superzoom 70 ('90s of XX). Lomo Fisheye No. 2 ('00 of XXI). Lomo Diana Mini ('00 of XXI). Blackbird, Fly ('10s of XXI). Lomo'Instant ('10s of XXI). In progress...

I am always very interested to learn more about my cameras, and share thoughts with other owners/lovers of them. I am open to any collaboration, just write me and let's talk about.

2018 May / Runner-Up in Monochrome: Stillness of Spring Competition…
2018 April 30th / Photo of the Day

Always discard the exhausted chemicals responsibly, never down the drains!!!

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