I would like you to document your daily life using your LC-A(+) with a roll ofcolor negative film..
Only shoot within the 5-day time limit (e.g. Monday to Friday), which will start as soon as you take your first picture. They don't have to be particularly special or eventful days, on the contrary, I would like to see your daily routine.

Please send the roll (undeveloped!) to me when it is finished along with a little paragraph of text about yourself.

- Use the roll in your LC-A(+), no other cameras please.
- Only photograph during the 5-day time limit (starts when you take your first shot), if the roll isn't finished at the end of the 5 days (although it would be nice if it was) send it anyway together with a little text about yourself.
- Do not develop the film; just rewind it and send it back.
- Try to make the images as if it were a first persons' point of view at eye-level (this is very important to keep a standard throughout all the photos!)
- No self-portraits but portraits and snapshots of the people around you are most welcome!
- Flash is recommended, but no colorsplash (blue, yellow,..), only white light!
- No double exposures of any kind!
- Expose the film correctly, no more, no less.
- Try to think about how your photos will fit into another context that is completely separate from the one you are documenting.
- Remember, this is a documentary based project and not a competition.

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