How do I load batteries in my LC-Wide?

First things first, your LC-Wide takes three 1.5V button cells, which are designated type LR44 or A76 (just like the LC-A+).

  1. Wipe the contacts of your battery and place them into the battery compartment on the bottom of your LC-Wide. They should all face in the same direction, with the “+” side matching up against the little “+” sign on the inside of the compartment. They should always fit close and snug inside. If they don’t, then simply bend the metal contact slightly using something small and sharp (like a penknife or a screwdriver).
  2. To check if the batteries are working, look through the view finder and press the shutter release lightly, the light on the left-side in the viewfinder is the battery check light, and it should glow bright red. If the light does not glow, then check to see if you have loaded the batteries correctly.

If you notice that the battery check light has gone off, or that your shutter has stopped firing (the pictures will come out black), then it’s time to get some new batteries.

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written on 2011-05-18 in #camera #lomo-lc-wide