How do I load the film cartridge and take photos with the LC-A Instant Back+?

Now with the LC-A's back door made interchangeable for the LC-A Instant Back+ as well as LC-A Instant Back+ installed in place along with the correction lens properly fixed you are only seconds away from your first shot and endless instant gratification! So here are steps on how to load the Fujifilm Instax Mini film cartridge and take photos with the LC-A Instant Back+:

  1. Insert two CR2 batteries (2×3V) into the Instant Back’s battery compartment.
  2. Turn on the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ by switching the on/off switch to ON.
  3. Insert a new Fujifilm Instax Mini film.
  4. Press the film ejection button once to eject the protection dark slide inside the film pack.
  5. Set the ASA dial of your Lomo LC-A to ASA 200. This is the standard setting for using the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+. To make your image brighter or darker you can adjust the ASA settings to a higher or lower level.
  6. Cock the camera’s shutter by pulling the MX-switch at the bottom of the Lomo LC-A+. If you are using a Lomo LC-A you need to – just like shooting normally – manually wind on the film advance spool for each shot. This can be a bit tricky as parts of the Instant Back+ covers the spool. But with a little practice it’s an enjoyable exercise.
  7. Set the focus (according to the Instant Back’s Distance Chart) and shoot.
  8. Press the film ejection button, grab the picture and wait until the picture is fully exposed. Congratulations to your first Lomo LC-A instant photograph!

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Here is an Instructional video on how to properly load a Fujifilm Instax Mini film cartridge to your Lomo LC-A Instant Back+:

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written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #instant-back #lomo-lc-a