How do I use the colored rings that come with the Lomography Ringflash?

Several solid plastic color rings are included with your Lomography Ringflash. To attach them, merely match up the two plastic tabs on either side of the ring with their corresponding holes on the Ringflash. Please note that using a color ring will decrease the flash’s power and effective range by 1 or 1.5 stops, as it absorbs some of the light. You may want to get a little closer, use a slightly faster film, or use a slower shutter speed in order to maintain a good exposure. To remove the rings from the Ringflash, simply pull them off the Ringflash slowly and carefully – you don’t want them to crack .

You can also shoot multi-colored flash bursts by placing the included color gel filters over each individual flash element. They slide right in, and are held in place by small slits etched into the plastic.

Also included is a milky white diffusion ring. This is great for very close-up photography. These shots are best taken with either the Fisheye camera (which focuses super close) or an analogue SLR camera and appropriate macro lens (which allows you to set the focus perfectly) (see above). The milky ring will decrease your flash’s power by 3 stops, thereby powering down the flash and preventing overexposure. If using the milky ring to capture very close objects, you generally want to shoot 100 ISO film – or possibly even 50 ISO.

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written on 2010-03-30 in #accessories #ringflash