The World is Our Playground

This double exposure was taken with a Lomo LC-A+RL, on Provia 100F while using a splitzer.


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    This is so good! amazing!

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    such a nice combination! congratulations!!

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    Amazing picture!

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    oh yeah!!

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    Awesome splitz.

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    WOW!! AWESOME!!!!!

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    amazing shot!

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    mantozauras ·'re a genius.....amazing shot!

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    wow! Fantastic splitzer!!

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    woow great one !

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    Stunning double expo !!!!!!!!

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    great double dude!

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    awesome shit!

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    A dream is a warm conversation with an old friend that we've grown distant from. It's a flying adventure around the world with our landlords on a mission to find a lawn mower. A dream is the comforting words from a deceased family member that we never got to hear. It's a lost love who still manages to break our heart's in the end, and is a naked day in the school yard as our friends point and laugh. It's why we say "Deja Vu" and it's a naughty rendezvous that keeps us blushing throughout the day. A dream is shooting the winning soccer goal that leads to friends hoisting us on shoulders. It's the promotion we've been working for, and a dream is obtaining the photography education we've always wanted.
    This photo represents our fun dreams. The kind of dreams that have us soaring past vast mountains to our favorite cloud. These dreams may even consist of a bike ride in Egypt on top of the ocean!

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    utterly amazing, great work!

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    wow that's a nice photo, very inventive and unique :L

  31. rhysbm
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    wow that's a nice photo, very inventive and unique :L

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    Wow this is amazing!

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    loved it

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