Macabebe was spared from being ravaged by Mt. Pinatubo's lahar in 1991. But the sudden increase in height of nearby lahar-affected towns in Pampanga has made Macabebe and other lower towns a catch basin for rain waters and extra vulnerable to floods. Thus, the recent typhoons and the release of water in nearby dams had flooded much of Macabebe. After the rescue and relief operation phase, we went there to extend psychosocial support through culture and the arts. Together with the junior level of Ballet Philippines and members of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, our group went with the Outreach unit of the CCP to the municipal building of Macabebe Took these outdoor shots before we proceeded to the performance site. These shots are part of the experimental roll which I submerged in saline solution resulting in the appearance of green fluid-like effect on the edges

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