The First Bandung Air Show

The first exhibition of Airplane, machine & all aircraft stuff, held at Husein Sastranegara airport, Padjajaran street, Bandung city, West Java, Indonesia, South East Asia, September 23rd-26th, 2010.

I only came to this event at the first day, because it's very crowded and enthusiast crowd that make the people who want to come to the airport was stuck in the small entrance for about one hour.

Sadly, at the second day, Alexander Supelli, the acrobatic pilot, who was entertaining the crowd (including me) at the first day, was get an accident when he was manuver with his plane. The plane hit the land and get burn. A few days later he was passed away after seriously injured and coma at the hospital. I'm very sad, eventhough I don't know him, but my first (and last) impression after see his acrobatic air make me think that he was the best aircrobatic pilot that Indonesia have had.

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