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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    goog to have it that size

  2. mrs-paul
    mrs-paul ·

    This is wicked!

  3. lomo-art
    lomo-art ·

    I love these colors! and this picture

  4. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    @mephisto19 : Yea, it looks great this way :D
    @mrs-paul : Yeaaa! XD
    @lomo-art : Thx~ :D

  5. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    old glorious ct precisa colours!

  6. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    @superlighter : Yea! Thx to mephisto19 :DD

  7. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    really like the mixture.. one part of me, one of you floating into another

  8. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    @mephisto19 : Yea! Me too~ :DD