The morning before our flight back to Manila fangcarpenter and I decided to revisit the Gwanghwamun Square. We were here briefly just the other day with Korean lomographers doing a spontaneous lomomatrix shoot. We didn't have time to roam around then as we were running to catch our bus for the city tour. Anyway the day of our return was the start of the holiday in preparation for the lunar new year which is a tradition observed all throughout South Korea. By this time most Seoul dwellers have gone to their provinces to visit family and relatives and bring them gifts. That's why practically it was only me, fangcarpenter and a few tourists strolling around the plaza - like the whole space belonged to us. Well, aside from us there were actually many police officers in uniform guarding the area, many of whom were concentrated around the US embassy. I thought there was a terror threat or red alert as their number was exaggeratedly too many for a people-less park that day. Good thing none of them bothered us except for one who politely addressed me in a manner of certainty "Filipino?". I responded with a smile assuring him I was perfectly no threat with my toy cameras. It was the coldest of all the 6 days we stayed in Seoul that clicking the shutter button with winter gloves covering my hand was a big effort. Nonetheless, it was a good day to bid goodbye to a beautiful city. Hope to see you again Seoul!

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