Podolsk. Cemetery «Krasnaya Gorka».

The cemetery «Krasnaya Gorka» («Red hill») is located in the Podolsk town outside Moscow and is officially named Podolsk. cemetery. And the name Krasnaya Gorka, which is called the cemetery, locals comes from the name of the area. At the entrance to the cemetery is the Church of St. Nicholas, who died during the persecution of religion, and later canonized

From the St. Nicholas Church, several main avenues diverge along which the burial places of famous townsfolk are located. Among them is the grave of the grandson of Hieromartyr Nicholas, famous folk artist IG. Agafonnikov. On the old part of the Krasnaya Gorka cemetery in Moscow, which has a permanent layout, buried war veterans who died in hospitals, colonels, generals, Heroes of the Soviet Union.
The central part of the cemetery is interesting for the planning of burials, some monuments are oriented to the north-west, others are oriented to the south-west, but this does not contradict the canons. In the northern and western parts of the cemetery, there are many burial places for honored doctors, sportsmen, teachers, designers, heads of city enterprises, Heroes of Socialist Labor. Many graves of pilots of the famous Podolsky flying club.

Camera: Olympus Pen EE-3 (1973)
Lens: D.Zuiko 28mm/f3.5 (fixed focus)
Film: Svema A-2Sh (expired)
Photo taken: 31/05/2017
Scanner: Pakon F235+
Scanned copy of the original negative, without any processing. In the mode «as is»

Olympus Pen EE-3
Svema A-2Sh
D.Zuiko 28mm/f3.5
Olympus Pen EE3 and Svema A-2Sh
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