How do I move photos to a different album in the Lab section?

Uploaded a photo in the wrong album? Don’t fret as moving photos is as easy as 1-2-3!

1.) Go to the PHOTOS tab in the Lab.

2.) Select the photos you wish to move to a different album.To select multiple photos, hold CTRL while checking on them.

3.) Go to the ALBUMS tab in the Lab and double click the destination album of your selected photos.

4.) The selected photos should appear on top of the album.

5.) Just simply DRAG the photos to the album and it will be automatically added.

6.) If you wish to remove the photos to the selected album, just drag it back to the unsorted ones. However, if you wish to deleted a photo/s, just refer to this FAQ

Start shooting your pictures to share in our Lab!

written on 2012-10-24 in #lab #photos