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    I felt like I knew her now, at least as well as one could. She was sensitive yet easy to be with, not the fickle, high maintenance girl I'd imagined. She always forgave my clumsiness. I understood that she had others, she gave her love so freely, so innocently, that I couldn't be jealous. I was happy to visit them and try and catch a glimpse of her. After all I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that she was as transient as life itself, and when she was gone, she would be gone forever.

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    More details on handmade color processing here: _____________________ More details on handmade hybrid processing here:

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    Combining the DMPHO with the 35mm back, but alas no sprockets.

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    Hoodoos near East Coulee. I photographed these in 1991, when you could still walk around them and even climb them, which I did not do as they deserved more respect than that. I understand that a new pathway is being built to save them from the public.

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  • Canon F1N SLR: Beauty, Precision & Durability

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    Canon F1N SLR: Beauty, Precision & Durability

    If you ever cross this 35mm SLR camera, you will hear her irresistible mermaid-like sound… She will call you again and again… And you'll know you won’t resist to her.

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