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A Lomographer's Dream Car

How many cameras does it take to cover a van? No, this is not a trick question involving calculating the surface area of a van and then dividing it by the shape and size of an average camera. After the jump, read about a man who did this and how many cameras he ended up using.

Mephisto19 Plays Around With the LomoKino

Everybody knows him already - mephisto19. He's one of the most active and fully dedicated Lomographers within the community. For us that's reason enough to let him test the brand new LomoKino. Read his story down below and get inspired to make your own movies!

making my favourite christmas cookies :-)
Coffeehouse bakkerswinkeltje
Rudolph The Christmas Cookie :-)
as time goes by

Multiple Exposures for Beginners

New to Lomography? Have you been wondering how other people have been able to blend pictures together? You have come to the right place. With the technique of multiple exposure, you will find yourself achieving works of art that digital photography cannot compete with!

Hiking Golden Gate Canyon State Park -- Doubles with Diana
Regalo gift shop opening

Film for Day and Night: Lomography Color Negative 800 120mm

When I go traveling, I will take different sorts of films for different uses. Yet, Lomography 800 120 will always be in the lot. It is great for taking photos for day and night.

Diana Mini and Lomography CN 800 35mm Film

Is the day a bit overcast and gloomy? Are you not sure if the sun will poke its head out of the clouds? Are you using a fixed shutter-speed camera? Well, Lomography CN 800 35mm film is for you!

Capturing Beautiful Lights in the Dark with Lomography CN 800 35mm

I really love the photos from my first experience with Lomography CN 800 35mm. This high speed film handles the low light situation very well, though a bit grainy.

High Speed X-Pro

Fuji Provia 1600. Unique high-speed slide film. Cross it. Nuff said.

Shooting Moving Targets with High Speed Ammo

Kodak Ektapress 1600 is, as the name suggests, a high-speed colour negative film predominantly aimed at photojournalists. Ideal to get those action shots of things that don't stand still (such as tigers!!!!)!!!!

Konica SR-G 3200: Photograph Like It's 1995!

Pictures taken with a LC-A+ and Konica SR-G 3200 film (that in expired in late 1995) turned out quite alright and with an interesting twist…

EIR Color infrared film - a powerful and colorful infrared film!

I first heard of color infrared film, when a working collegue of mine showed me his pictures from 20 years ago, when these films were still produced and distributed by the Kodak Company.

Lomography CN 800: Perfect for Night Photography

I hadn't used the Lomography CN 800 ISO (35mm) very much until recently. In Barcelona, I loaded it in my LC-A+ to use it mostly for night shots and long exposures. This turned out to be a great partnership and I was thrilled with the results.

Kodak Aerochrome III 1443 (120, 400 iso) user-review

Kodak Aerochrome ||| Infrared Film 1443 is the last false-color infrared (CIR) film in production in the world. It is now temporarily available in 120 and 135 formats.

First roll of Kodak Aerochrome
love doubles love
Album 73
white on white

Analogue Love on the Set of How I Met Your Mother

When you're watching your favorite TV series, it's hard to pay attention to background details. But when these details include something you equally love, the show just gets even better. Check out the analogue cameras spotted in Ted and Marshall's apartment!

Fisheye No. 2 in NZ Fashion Quarterly Summer Edition

This seasons Fashion Quarterly (New Zealand Edition) asks Santa for a Lomography Fisheye 2.

Pinhole !
Pararse a saborear los momentos únicos
First LC-A+ ^^
blue doubles with tomkiddo
Last photo of the roll :)
end-of-roll snaps