How fantastic would it be if you could experience the legendary Lomo LC-A experience across a wide range of cameras? Firstly, pretty fantastic and secondly, now you can with the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 Art Lens! This premium Russian glass lens features the original optics from the Lomo LC-A, so you can enjoy the effects that this iconic camera is famous for on your choice of camera: eye-popping colors, remarkable saturation and contrast, fine details and trademark vignettes.

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The most incredible lightpainting tool is here! Consists of 200 full color RGB LEDs in a lightweight aluminium housing will color your analogue world in different way! Create and animate different shades and shapes with the Pixelstick!

Photo of the Day by unicornteacake

This is probably how most of us feel whenever the weekend comes rolling in. Congratulations to unicornteacake for winning Photo of the Day!

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Twisting Perspectives on Film with Timothy Tan

Twisting Perspectives on Film with Timothy Tan

He may be no wizard, but Timothy Tan nonetheless wows his audience with his own brand of magic specially conjured with analog gear.

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Lawypop is our LomoHome of the Day!

Lawypop is our LomoHome of the Day!

He never wastes an opportunity to take photographs, whether it’s a chance to capture street scenes or a moment to photograph scenic views. From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to lawypop for winning Home of the Day!

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