Inspired by summertime in bloom, the Lomo’Instant Kyoto Edition is the latest addition to our creative instant photography line-up! With its intricate floral and peach design, this special edition camera is reminiscent of beautiful summer sunsets in Kyoto, a city adored for its picturesque shrines, temples and nature scenery. No matter where you are in the world, this instant camera will capture your fondest memories in the most creative way possible. It includes 3 Lenses (Fisheye, Portrait and Close-up) and is packed with features for maximum creativity.

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The most incredible lightpainting tool is here! Consists of 200 full color RGB LEDs in a lightweight aluminium housing will color your analogue world in different way! Create and animate different shades and shapes with the Pixelstick!

Photo of the Day by murdoc_niccals

"Dobré ránooo!" shouts one of our friendly musicians, playing in the background is a lively song to wake up the festival goers. Congratulations to murdoc_niccals for winning Photo of the Day!

Mel Brackstone of Australia Shoots With the New Petzval 85 Art Lens

Mel Brackstone introduced herself as an "old woman with a love of the surreal." Her energy is palpable; with the soft delicacy in her photos, she comes across as an old soul that sees through young eyes. She is self taught and lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, She discovered the Petzval Lens in 2014.

Uwe Mimoun: the Man Behind KONO! Reanimated Film

Uwe Mimoun: the Man Behind KONO! Reanimated Film

Branded as "The Reanimated Film," KONO! Film is hand-rolled and made of special materials which are rarely (or never) produced for "normal“ photography. Rather, the materials were intended for the motion picture industry and the results can vary depending on how the film is used. Learn more in this interview with the founder of KONO! Film, Uwe Mimoun.

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Rancliffhasenza is our LomoHome of the Day!

Rancliffhasenza is our LomoHome of the Day!

Alex, vocalist and guitarist of the indie band Old Gypsy Man’s Hat, is the creative mind the LomoHome rancliffhasenza. Congratulations for winning Home of the Day!

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