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2014 was yet another fabulous year for Lomography delights! Over the past 12 months, we have seen some incredible additions to our lineup, from classy films and slick accessories to sweet lenses and brand new cameras. From top left to bottom right in rows: Lomo LC-A 120, LomoInstant, Konstruktor F, Belair Instant Camera, La Sardina Day Tripper, La Sardina Midnight Flamingo, Cine 200 & 400 Tungsten, Lomochrome Turquoise, New Russar+ Lens, La Sardina City Summer and La Sardina Triangle Tryst.

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Photo of the Day by agung_achmad

Photo of the Day by agung_achmad From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations agung_achmad for having our Photo of the Day!

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Monday Moodboard: The Thrill of Wet Plate Street Photography

Monday Moodboard: The Thrill of Wet Plate Street Photography Here’s a dose of inspiration of street photography courtesy of wet plate photographer Justin Borucki.

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Home of the Day by lightinbug512

Home of the Day by lightinbug512 Having grown up in a "camera crazy" family, it's no surprise that he himself is dabbling in the world of analogue photography now. Congratulations lightinbug512 on winning Home of the Day!

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  • fadjaradiputra:

    New album! Grey Road :)

  • schugger:

    boah - woher weißt du das @dopa? Ich tippe mir die FInger wund, hab von rechts und links gegoogelt und find immer nur Vermutungen....

  • dopa:

    so, von hier an wieder deutsch :D

  • dopa:

    For Lady Grey @ 400/27° should be about 12 min (1+20, 20 °C / 68 °F)

  • schugger:

    "yeah", not "eah"

  • schugger:

    eah @dopa - I know - but what about LADY Grey?? :

  • dopa:

    The developing time for Lomography Earl Gray @ 100/21° in Tetenal Ultrafin Liquid (1+20, 20 °C / 68 °F) with 30 Seconds agitation is 07:00 min.

  • neja:

    new album from San Francisco

  • schugger:

    And I should say I only developed C41 ´till now - so I´m a newbie in B/W...

  • schugger:

    ... - as for the EARL grey which I cannot believe. Any experience anyone?? Would love to start developing in B/W right no! ;-)

  • schugger:

    hey guys, need your help: what is the devolping time for Lomo LADY Grey (120mm) in Tetenal Ultrafin? Can´t find any reliable information. Here on Lomography they say in the FAQs 7mins..

  • adi_totp:

    Halo guys! New album! New Album Doubles between @fadjaradiputra x @adi_totp

  • -dakota-:

    three new albums in black and white :)
    delta 3200 and hp5 @400

  • roxyvonschlotterstein:

    @candee2104 du kannst dir jede kamera kaufen, liebes, du musst dich nicht rechtfertigen. fragte mich halt nur was daran eben den erhöhten preis rechtfertigt.

  • kumo-huang:

    第一卷底片沖好了! I am so excited!

  • wil6ka:

    Cmte.Ronaldo (Brazil #29)

  • dermanu:

    My Pic of the Day:
    Purple Beach
    Lomography LomoChrome Purple in Lubitel 166+

  • candee2104:

    Die Instax 310 kostet im Durchschschnitt 130 Euro, aber ich bekomme sie günstiger und finde sie einfach hübscher. ;) Vielleicht wünsche ich sie mir auch zum Geburtstag. ;)

  • roxyvonschlotterstein:

    Die 300 ist nur die gebotox'te jüngere Variante der 210. Schade schade. @dermanu sehe das wie du. die 300 mit den Neo Features das wäre es.

  • roxyvonschlotterstein:

    Hm, also wirklich, der Griff ist etwas größer und die Optik hat 2 silberfarbende Highlights, passend zur Neo Classic. Aber mehr ist nicht erkennbar. Hm, für 60€ macht die 210 einen guten Job.

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Lomography is a community and shop dedicated to creative and experimental analogue photography (or analog photography for those folks in the USA). We are passionate about analogue cameras and have a whole host of them available in our Online Shop and Lomography Gallery Stores; from classics such as the Lomo LC-A, Diana F+ and Lubitel, to new bestsellers such as the LomoKino, Belair X 6-12, and La Sardina, you’re sure to find a new film camera to suit. We also stock a huge range of 35mm, 120 and 110 Films. To continue on your adventure, read a bit more About Us and check out the Lomography Beginners Guide to help find your first analogue camera. We hope you enjoy analogue photography as much as we do!