The latest addition to the growing Lomo’Instant Family takes its inspiration from the world’s northernmost capital. Say hello to the new Lomo’Instant Reykjavik Edition! Clad in a gorgeous blue color palette, the Lomo’Instant Reykjavik brings to mind the vast and beautiful midnight sky of its namesake Icelandic city. Whether your ideal instant expedition means a visit to the museum, a dip into geothermal springs or simply basking in the majestic scenery of the northern lights, the Lomo’Instant Reykjavik Edition will be snapshot-ready to capture your fondest memories.

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Diana F+ Instant Camera

Instantly enjoy the features of an instant camera with a Lomography Diana F+! Create signature Diana dreaminess in a second and start snapping soft-focused photos in no time!

Photo of the Day by bravopires

Like a still from a film noir movie, today's featured photograph exudes an air of mystery and elegance. Congratulations to bravopires for winning Photo of the Day!

4 Easy Ways to Share your Lomo’Instant Wide Photos with the World

So, you’ve got your brand new Lomo’Instant Wide and have already taken some of the coolest looking pics from your favorite new camera. What now? Share them with the World, of course! We want to see every single fantastic, fascinating and mesmerizing photo you shoot with the Lomo’Instant Wide and we’re here to tell you how it can be done.

Self to the World: The Photography of Leanne Surfleet

Self to the World: The Photography of Leanne Surfleet

A self-portrait may take root in confidence, extreme shyness or alternate bouts of each. Leanne Surfleet goes through this kind of fluctuation when the camera is all eyes. The attraction—as far as we’re concerned—is the mix of uncertainty and a kind of quiet poise. And here and there, a flash of skin that is more a mystery than full-on revelation. Even Surfleet’s portraits of other people have the same hushed invite, as if to say questions are encouraged. There we took our cue.

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Peter_po is our LomoHome of the Day!

Peter_po is our LomoHome of the Day!

Today’s HOTD recipient peter_po is a big fan of analog photography and vintage cameras. From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to peter_po for winning Home of the Day!

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