Romance is in the air - it’s the perfect time to embrace adventure and be swept away by passion. With true love we have put together bundles and ideas to spice up your world! Topping our list for the hottest Valentine’s gifts is the Lomo’Instant Marrakesh: the captivating instant camera inspired by the mysterious Moroccan city. For the occasion, the code OPENSESAME will grant you a free Lomography Light Painter upon purchasing it! Head over to our Online Shop for the rest of our Valentine’s Day Deals, visit one of our stores to purchase yours there – or discover the events and parties near you.

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Enjoy the Half-Frame or Square Format Images WIth Diana Mini Double Rainbow at Discounted Price!!

Enjoy half-frame or square format images of Diana Mini Double Rainbow with designs inspired by Tara McPherson! Now available at discounted price!

Photo of the Day by fotolucid

Photography gives us the license to let our imagination run loose. Congratulations to fotolucid for winning Photo of the Day!

COOPH Packs the History of Photography in 5 Minutes

Photography's past is one thick book, but one group condensed all the hero points in one entertaining sit-down video.

Chloé Vollmer-Lo: First Impressions of the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

Chloé Vollmer-Lo: First Impressions of the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

After a fully booked 2015, photographer Chloé Vollmer-Lo found time to test the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens. She brought it to the Natural History Museum and the Paris business district, an endeavor that resulted in quite a few stunning, bokeh-rich images.

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Cryboy is our LomoHome of the Day!

Cryboy is our LomoHome of the Day!

Aside having an eye for great photographs, this LomoGuru also got some groovy moves! From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to cryboy for winning Home of the Day!

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