Grab yourself some Lumi Inkodye and some sunshine and you’ll be away to the races! These fabulous products are formulated to make your design and printing experience super fun and super speedy. A photosensitive dye, Inkodye reacts to the power of sunlight. You can literally watch your designs appear on your clothes. It works on any natural fabric like cotton, silk, canvas, rayon or linen and to top it all off, it’s machine washable! So drop what you’re doing and cut to the chase with Lumi Inkodye!

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Fuji Instax Neo 90 Brown

New experience awaits with this camera where it leads you to instant experience and lasting memories that you can capture in an instant!

Photo of the Day by vikkki

Have you read the story of "The Bremen Town Musicians"? Today's featured photo might help you recall this fantastic tale! Congratulations to vikkki for winning Photo of the Day!

Lomo Essentials: The Mystery Hunt

Whether behind bushes or in front of enigmatic women, a vivacious photographer always has a trusty lens strapped to his chest. In this Lomo spread, we take inspiration from Antonioni's Cannes-winning film Blow-Up.

Imperfection Is In Everything We Do: A Talk With Adriano Sodré

Imperfection Is In Everything We Do: A Talk With Adriano Sodré

Just as we love the grainy sound of a vinyl record playing our latest jazz favorites, we choose analog photography for its natural imperfections that remind us so wondrously of our own reality. Its shortcomings are what make an analog photograph so appealing. We talked to Adriano Guimarães Sodré, a 26-year-old cinematographer, DJ, and photographer who carefully composes pictures that capture a solitary moment in its most natural beauty.

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Clownshoes is our LomoHome of the Day!

Clownshoes is our LomoHome of the Day!

Our HOTD recipient clownshoes describes himself as someone who’s “crazy into photography.” Congratulations for winning Home of the Day!

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