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Shooting at Large Format? Try Fomapan 100 Sheet Film 4x5!

Say hello to FOMAPAN 100 Classic! Go for a film that guarantees impeccable sharpness and fine grain!

Photo of the Day by lexikid

A good balance between light and shadow is the key to create a compelling photograph. Congratulations to lexikid for winning Photo of the Day!

The Big Picture: The New Lomography Mystery Product (Part 1)

Yes, you read that right: Lomography has once again come up with a cool new product! But as much as we want to spill the beans right this moment—where would be the fun in that, right?—we've decided to make things a little more exciting by conducting a couple of rounds of good ol' guessing game. Sounds good? Step right in and see if you can crack our clues!

Caleb Savage: Into the Darkroom, Out in the Open

Caleb Savage: Into the Darkroom, Out in the Open

When asked to recall the moment they first became truly interested in photography, most photographers would remember the magical feeling of picking up a hand-me-down or secondhand camera, the thrill of shooting an entire roll through, and the elation upon seeing and holding their first ever set of photographs. Caleb Savage, however, had quite a unique experience. At 10 years old, he had his first taste of working in the darkroom making prints at Boy Scout camp, thereby beginning a more than a decade-long affinity with photography.

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Caglag is our LomoHome of the Day

Caglag is our LomoHome of the Day

Caglag's LomoHome is your first class ticket to some of the most wonderful places in the world. From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to caglag for winning Home of the Day!

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