The heat is on for instant photography! We’re thrilled to present the summer babe of the Lomo’Instant Family – the new Lomo’Instant Havana Edition. With this ultra-hot instant package, you’re all set for super easy and creative Lomographic adventures! This beautiful package includes 3 lenses (Fisheye, Portrait and Close-Up) and a Lomo’Instant Splitzer to slice and dice your snapshots. Get yours Online or in the nearest Lomography Gallery Store!

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The most incredible lightpainting tool is here! Consists of 200 full color RGB LEDs in a lightweight aluminium housing will color your analogue world in different way! Create and animate different shades and shapes with the Pixelstick!

Photo of the Day by rgs_ass

What this photograph lacks in color, it makes up for having such an energetic subject! Congratulations to rgs_ass for winning Photo of the Day!

A Talk With Bitbanger Labs: The Guys Behind the Pixelstick

Duncan Frazier and Stephen McGuigan are focused on creating niche technology that inspires. Founders of Bitbanger Labs, a Brooklyn-based outlet for their ideas, the two friends developed a revolutionary light painting device — Pixelstick. We talked to them to find out more about their work and about this unique and beautiful way to take photos!

When The Camera Becomes an Extension of the Mind: An Interview With Colin J. Clarke

When The Camera Becomes an Extension of the Mind: An Interview With Colin J. Clarke

Colin J. Clarke began experimenting with cameras and darkrooms when he was still a boy. From being a young family photographer to an experienced photographer, sculptor and painter based in the United States, the multi-talented artist takes us through his prolific career and shares his passion for every minute detail of the process of photographing.

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Miserabe is our LomoHome of the Day!

Miserabe is our LomoHome of the Day!

Miserabe's LomoHome is a collection of enderaring memories drenched in candy colors. Congratulations for winning Home of the Day!

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