a walk on the wild side

Taken from a double exposed roll shot in Cambridge on an LC-A+. Snapped the flowers first time round at 200 ISO then the people in the tunnel second at 100 ISO. There's a railing at one end of this tunnel which is the prefect height to rest an LC-A on and keep it steady while taking photos in the low light.


  1. robertofiuza
    robertofiuza ·


  2. wolfinthewoods
    wolfinthewoods ·

    Fantastic double !

  3. frenchyfyl
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  4. lomomowlem
    lomomowlem ·

    @robertofiuza @wolfinthewoods @frenchyfyl Thanks very much!

  5. vivie
    vivie ·


  6. lomomowlem
    lomomowlem ·

    @vivie Thanks!

  7. aronne
    aronne ·

    This is AMAZING!

  8. lomomowlem
    lomomowlem ·

    @aronne Thank you!

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