• Russian Tzaritza: Zenit 11

    written by wolkers on 2011-10-26 #gear
    Russian Tzaritza: Zenit 11

    The elegance, class, style and especially joy a Russian companion can produce. A story about an old camera making it's way directly into my heart.

  • Escape the City: Flee to Nature

    written by wolkers on 2011-08-05
    Escape the City: Flee to Nature

    Sometimes you get bored of all the concrete, subways and skyscrapers surrounding you. There's only one cure: find your freedom in the nature. Get lost in the forest, run through meadows and lie down in a field of flowers to watch the clouds passing by.

  • Golden Rule #6: Don't Think

    written by wolkers on 2011-06-24
    Golden Rule #6: Don't Think

    When it comes to photography, we start planning pictures trying to shoot the perfect picture, assembling all elements of it trying to create a breath-taking composition. But where's the fun in planning? It's lomography that shall open your eyes with experiments and simply not thinking about what you exactly shoot. Explore the element of surprise!