"I'm not the front man. I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone handle flashing lights and drama. I just like to get lost in the music on stage, let it take me away. I'm not the front man, the music is. The atmosphere is. Saying front man makes me more important then these guys, and I'm not. What would I be without them? Some weird bald guy whining into a microphone. Nothing." - Maynard James Keenan, Australian TV interview.

Hi! So yeah me in a nutshell.... My Name is,
Sean Roque
(yeah just try and pronounce that the right cuz i have no clue what the right way is.)

I'm 17, I'm a senior at P.V.High School. After High School I plan to make music with a wonderful band...or go and learn how to make BIG Box Office Movie Hits!!!..hehe

I have been skating for sometime now..but I do old school skateboard tricks, such as "Flamingo, Pogo, Old School Kick Flips" you know all that good stuff.

I'm THE lead SINGER IN A BAND CALLED [NOVA]. I also Sing in another band called Blank Spaces For Utah. WOOt

Who ever said they would "never" do something is a liar.

I am a hypocrite

A great way to get to know me is to ASK ME QUESTIONS!!!

I would like to say that I have a cute answer to everything..but...the truth is that...I don't...hehe.

Sometimes I like to communicate through music

Oh, Am really good at listening, not so much at talking

Oct 30th is my b-day.
If you Smoke, I Will never date you.
RootBeer tastes good...I like to write movie scripts and music, I like to Dance.haha....... Ill end it with this. Have a Nice Day, And Good Night.


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