• An Afternoon in Tagaytay Highlands

    written by stitch on 2014-07-28 #places
    An Afternoon in Tagaytay Highlands

    I have good memories of Tagaytay Highlands. There had been times when some of my friends and I would spend the weekend there, playing all sorts of sports and having our bodies healed in the warm and lapping jacuzzi pool. But those were distant memories. I was able to go back to this place, but only for an afternoon, and tried to remember the good old days.

  • My First Indisposable Project

    written by stitch on 2014-07-24
    My First Indisposable Project

    The idea behind this project was to shoot 24 moments in one week's time using a disposable camera. Incidentally, a friend from Seattle sent me two disposable cameras so I was finally able to participate. Disposable cameras aren't sold in Manila anymore. I timed my shoot during the week wherein I had to go out several times, also hoping for good weather.

  • When in Doubt, Double Expose Your Redscales

    written by stitch on 2012-04-09 #gear #tutorials
    When in Doubt, Double Expose Your Redscales

    I've used a handful of redscales—DIYs and Lomography Redscales. For DIYs, a good number of times, they are underexposed, for Lomography Redscales, some shots are still underexposed. Without going to too much analysis about film density and time exposure, I figured double exposing them would do the trick.

  • My 2011 in Analogue: Walking Man Walks

    written by stitch on 2011-12-26
    My 2011 in Analogue: Walking Man Walks

    The first half of 2011 was amply covered by the Whilst We Wait project. The next half is hazy as I found myself buried with my day job and had less freelance photography jobs. The office was renovated and we lost close to two months of productive work. And before you know it, the year was winding down and we were faced with another financial crisis.

  • Shooting Long Exposures With Your LC-A+

    written by stitch on 2011-12-09 #gear #tutorials
    Shooting Long Exposures With Your LC-A+

    Long exposures is an old trick that one sees often. The results always have this "wow" effect and the first question that always pops in your head is “how long was this exposure?” The LC-A+ (also applies to the LC-A) has the edge for low-light photography because of it's light metering. But in this case, one has to "deceive" the light meter.

  • Creating Lightleaks

    written by stitch on 2011-11-23 #gear #tutorials
    Creating Lightleaks

    Lightleaks are accidents we always welcome. Too bad they don't happen often. You can actually "make" it happen but there are risks involved. You can end up exposing the entire roll or ruin picture perfect shots. So if you are willing to take that risk, this tip might help you.

  • Doubles to Get You Up in the Clouds

    written by stitch on 2011-11-22 #gear #tutorials
    Doubles to Get You Up in the Clouds

    Double exposure shots with clouds as background has been my signature shot simply because I love shooting clouds and walking around the city. I love how cloud formations have such a nice contrast against the blue sky. Thanks to film photography and Lomo cameras, I now have a way of immortalizing this wonder of nature and at the same time, double exposing it against ordinary things I encounter.

  • Recap: Instameet and Lomography Talk Mix

    written by stitch on 2011-11-17 #news
    Recap: Instameet and Lomography Talk Mix

    Instagram-based enthusiasts met last October 15, 2011 in what we call an "instameet". There were many events lined-up for the gathering. The meet-up kicked-off with a short talk on Lomography which I gave. Many "instagrammers" or "igers" are interested in Lomography, thanks to the various lomo apps (for iPhones, iPods, and iPads) and filters that simulate the lomo-look.

  • Vertical Flip Doubles With Your Lomos

    written by stitch on 2011-11-14 #gear #tutorials
    Vertical Flip Doubles With Your Lomos

    This double exposure tip is commonly used. It's very easy and the effects are always amazing. But I wish to include a small detail - allowing a few seconds to elapse before taking the second shot to allow it to be slightly different from the first shot.

  • Misadventures of Stitch

    written by stitch on 2011-08-23
    Misadventures of Stitch

    Stitch completely changed the image of what an alien is. He is generally friendly but picky with friends and you definitely don't want him as an enemy. Earth has been his new home and his boundless energy can sometimes give him trouble, especially if Lilo isn't around to pull his reins. Even if he is an experiment that has gone bad, we are lucky to have him around to entertain children (he loves children).

  • La Sardina Taste Test

    written by stitch on 2011-07-13 #gear
    La Sardina Taste Test

    Everyone loves sardines for breakfast. It's an ordinary meal that goes with rice and vinegar. The La Sardina isn't your staple camera but after shooting my first roll, I can't wait to shoot my next roll, having figured out (more or less) it's strengths and weaknesses and what I seemed to have done wrong (like forgetting I'm in bulb mode, heh).

  • Vignettes of My Friends' Wedding

    written by stitch on 2011-05-18
    Vignettes of My Friends' Wedding

    My friends asked me to cover their wedding in "lomo". I was also a secondary sponsor so it was a bit challenging. I had to be discrete so I used my LC-A+ and a couple of Fuji slides to get the job done.

  • More yellow than green

    written by stitch on 2011-05-08 #gear
    More yellow than green

    It was my first foray in using a Lomography slide. I've tried out their negatives and redscale film and was happy with the results. So the end for this was predictable—very happy as well.

  • Last Days of Summer

    written by stitch on 2010-08-26 #places
    Last Days of Summer

    This is a short melancholic capture of the end of summer. So you will see subdued photos of pools, resorts, and a heavy strong downpour that left me stranded in a train station for nearly an hour. I was so desperate to capture this moments I even brought my LC-A+ to the swimming pool without a protective casing, but it was worth the risk. Perhaps I won't do it again though.

  • Enchanted Kingdom Revisited

    written by stitch on 2010-08-23 #places
    Enchanted Kingdom Revisited

    A lot has been written about the Enchanted Kingdom. There is an abundance of photos of this theme park. So what’s one more review? I think it’s the personal experience that counts. Each visit is unique, the shots may look the same but it does evoke memories of the good time you had.

  • Lomo Embassy Manila Exhibit on Pinoy Pride

    written by stitch on 2010-07-25 #news
    Lomo Embassy Manila Exhibit on Pinoy Pride

    The Lomo Embassy was invited to come up with a lomo wall depicting Pinoy pride. The lomowall was composed of 100 photos from lomomomanila members and was displayed in the atrium of the Market! Market! mall on June 12, 2010—Independence Day, no less.

  • Presidential Inauguration of Benigno Aquino Jr. (Philippines) in Lomographs

    written by stitch on 2010-07-13 #news
    Presidential Inauguration of Benigno Aquino Jr. (Philippines) in Lomographs

    June 30, 2010 finally came—the day of the oath-taking of President-Election Benigno “Nonoy” Aquino Jr. Encouraged by a couple of friends to go to the Inauguration of the country’s 15th President, I found myself going to the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta Park. Since I didn’t really plan to cover the event, I only had my LC-A+ and an Olympus 35RC.

  • A Car Show from the Eyes of a Lomographer

    written by stitch on 2010-07-05 #gear
    A Car Show from the Eyes of a Lomographer

    A car show shot with an LC-A+ using Lomography Color Negative 400

  • Pasig River Ferry Ride with my Lomo

    written by stitch on 2010-06-19 #places
    Pasig River Ferry Ride with my Lomo

    The ferry ride in Pasig River is become a viable alternative to go to either Pasig City or Manila. For those who aren’t in so much hurry, the 45-minute ferry ride is pleasant and relaxing and it’s nearly a grand tour of several of Manila’s architectural landmarks like the Malacañang Palace and the Post Office.

  • Lomowalk in Luneta Park

    written by stitch on 2010-05-25 #places
    Lomowalk in Luneta Park

    Once again, the lomomanila lomographers were itching for a quick lomowalk. The easiest and closest place to go was Luneta Park. There was a lot to see and to shoot in this historical landmark. Our National Hero—Jose P. Rizal—was executed here. Hence, this is also his final resting place. It is guarded by soldiers 24/7. The rigidity ends there because otherwise, anybody is free to roam around the big park and take pictures and have a good time with (camera) trigger-happy friends.

  • Lomowalk in Eco Park

    written by stitch on 2010-05-18 #places
    Lomowalk in Eco Park

    An ecology park in the middle of a city, the La Mesa Eco Park is a pleasant place to go for a whole or half-day stroll and to take pictures!

  • Painting the Town Red: Lomography Redscale (35mm, 100 iso) User-Review

    written by stitch on 2010-05-04 #gear
    Painting the Town Red: Lomography Redscale (35mm, 100 iso) User-Review

    A review based on my first roll of Lomography Redscale film. I've done DIY redscaling before but was not satisfied with the results so I tried to use LSI's film for benchmarking. I'm happy I did.

  • Lomo Therapy: A Free Lomography Seminar (Manila)

    written by stitch on 2010-04-27 #news
    Lomo Therapy: A Free Lomography Seminar (Manila)

    This is the first of many free lomography seminars that the Lomo Embassy will be organizing.

  • Lomography 101 at the De La Salle University

    written by stitch on 2010-02-25 #news
    Lomography 101 at the De La Salle University

    The Lomo Embassy Manila and Lomomanila gave two separate talks on Lomography 101 last February 16, 2010 during the De La Salle University's alternative program day.

  • LOMO Therapy: A Newbie Seminar in Manila

    written by stitch on 2009-10-23 #news
    LOMO Therapy: A Newbie Seminar in Manila

    Organized by the Lomo Embassy Manila, LOMO Therapy is a seminar that introduced the golden rules of Lomography to new enthusiasts.