My name is Sonny Dagur from Cardiff, South Wales. I got into lo-fi photography years ago, after a news clip about Russian teenagers caught my eye......they were taking these "shoot from the hip" photographs with pretty basic cameras, and to my eye the results were trippy, exiting and exactly what I wanted to do. It wasn't to be for quite some time though, I didn't know where to start and it was some time before I came across a toy camera all packaged up in a place called Chapter Art Centre. I bought my first Holga and the rest is history.

It's not uncommon to catch me on holiday with a bag full of three cameras these days....One with slide film, one for redscale and the final one covering black & much for shooting from the hip. Going forward I'd love to build up the courage to ask people if I can take their picture, I think almost all the best photographs have a person in them. And one day, I would just love to get hold of a Super 8!!!

I also sing, play and write in an alternative rock band called Fjords. What with the artwork I sometimes pull off for posters I'm a bit of an amature polymath!.....well maybe tht's over egging it, I should get into a science before I die so I can definately claim that "polymath" label for my grave stone!


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