Why follow 99% of other photographers trying to get perfectly composed, exposed, shots with x mega-pixels and the latest lens blah blah - dull and generic! I want to make pictures that are unique, spontaneous and as free from my 'photographer's brain' (with all its constraints, cliches and stereotypes) as possible - its really difficult to let go and I don't manage it very often yet.

Also, I just love mechanical cameras!

To keep the cost of my habit down, I:
# Buy (& sell) old film cameras on eBay, charity, junk shops and Etsy ( ).
# Seek out cheap expired film and look for good deals on any B&W film. Also been experimenting with oddball films like ISO 0.8 microfiche or expired Russian film that comes in 36 exp lengths, but just rolled in foil, no cassette.
# Put 35 mm film in very old 120 and 127 cameras.
# Stand develop film at home in 1:100 Adox Adonal or RO9 One Shot. Then scan the negs on a crappy Reflecta x4plusScan.
# Cross process the expired colour films in B&W chemistry as above. End up with more grain than Windy Miller, but I'm quite liking it.
# Commit large scale bank fraud.

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