I just love mechanical cameras!

To keep the cost of my habit down, I:
# Buy (& sell) old film cameras on eBay, charity, junk shops and Etsy ( ).
# Seek out cheap expired film (mostly colour negative) and look for good deals on any B&W film.
# Stand develop film at home in 1:100 Adox Adonal or RO9 One Shot. Then scan the negs on a crappy Reflecta x4plusScan.
# Even cross process the expired colour films in B&W chemistry as above. End up with more grain than Windy Miller, but I'm quite liking it.
# Commit large scale bank fraud.

Also, when I get my time machine working, I'm going to visit the pre-digital me and say, "don't get rid of your Contax T3 (black limited edition), Konica Hexar AF or Mamiya C33 Pro! You might want them later on to use or sell for many times what you'll get now!".

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