SUMMMMMERRRRTIIIIMMMEEE :D Time to sit on, start the engine and explore nice places... Between the hedges and bushes you can always find a path (ok ok, and some ticks and bugs xD )

I love to be outdoors with my Motorcycle and take a seat, somewhere in the nowhere. Always a cam and an amateur-radio in the backpack.

- Diana F+ (75mm and DIY 35mm conversion)
- Canon EOS 300
- Rollei 35 LED
- Agfa ISO-Rapid Ic
- Recsky TLR 35mm
- Canon EOS 1200D
- HOLGA HL-C objective
- Bodycap pinhole objective 0,3 mm

...aaaand a bunch of homemade cardboard pinhole cameras

Have fun and all the best ;)

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