Being totally in love with photography and old lenses since my childhood, I have developed it into a professional vision of today’s reality becoming a skillful photographer and a collector of old and rare lenses. I dedicated all my time to searching of exclusive and rare lenses wherever I could find them — on auctions, flee markets and internet. As I became the one who owned the biggest collection of lenses in my city, I started to take part in different international auctions and exhibitions in the museums. My collection of world-wide lenses started from Joseph Petzval ‘s lens (1840) and up to nowadays. This collection was not only collection, I used it in many works of photography.

Photography has always interested me from the cradle while being a baby I was looking through the old photos on the walls. When my granny showed me old white and black photos from her past, I always looked at the exposition, background, bokeh effect, effect of light, ISO, diaphragm. I was admiring every photo and was examining it like a stamp through the magnifying glass.

As the years passed I turned from an amateur into a professional photographer. The technologies developed and old classical cameras became more and more unpopular, because a new era of smart phones with cameras substituted the natural classical photos. I disliked it because the photos were unnatural, artificial and I also detest retouch. When an artist draws a picture, he does it only once and does not redraw it, that gives it true, natural, original and exquisite look. I also detested the fashion, which was dictated by marketing policy with confusing the concept and popularization of artificial intellect.

My views were to show the difference and possibilities of cameras and lenses of various ages in different creative photosets with experiments of expositions, where we can get the effects of old film. And my logo was — “Respect the past, create the future”.

I was invited to hundreds of events and exhibitions from simple exhibitions — like cars, retro cars, marriages, natural views, fashion shows, portrait photosets, and astronomy — up to crazy post-apocalypse, steampunks, cosplays, fairies. My photos became popular like hot cakes and appeared in different magazines, on cites, in articles and I was invited to TV for interviews and also took part in the clip making. My friends and colleagues thus gave me the nickname — Salvador.…

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