• Etchéd Film

    written by petunia on 2009-04-11 #gear #tutorials
    Etchéd Film

    Another way to put in some crazy texture on your film!

  • Instant Frames!

    written by petunia on 2009-03-30 #gear #tutorials
    Instant Frames!

    No more loose Polaroids! This is a quick and simple way to frame those precious Polaroid or Instax photos.

  • Fuji Neopan (35mm, 1600 iso) user-review

    written by petunia on 2008-10-20 #gear
    Fuji Neopan  (35mm, 1600 iso) user-review

    Fast and Loose Fuji! Regarded as the photojournalist's choice where high-speed shooting (and developing) was a priority in the days before digital, Fuji Neopan 1600 is still the film lover's preference when capturing street and portrait photos under pretty much any lighting conditions.

  • The Docks (Galway)

    written by petunia on 2008-10-15 #places
    The Docks (Galway)

    The Spanish Parade (more commonly and mistakenly referred to as simply "the Arch") is a haven for tourists, wastrels and those looking for a convenient and picturesque place to get drunk in the warm(ish) Galway Summer months. Go through the Spanish Arch (built in 1584 to keep out the mad Spanish Armada) and walk down the Long Walk past quaintly multicoloured houses facing the swan hangout of the Claddagh Basin across the bay.