• Poor Man Scanning Method

    written by oxgn on 2011-09-01 #gear #tutorials
    Poor Man Scanning Method

    Not everybody who shoots films have their own film scanner, especially the new Lomographers or analogue users. Even I don't have a proper scanner, because every time I have the money, I buy films and save some for developing and scanning at a photo lab.

  • How To Repair Smena 8M Shutter Blade

    written by oxgn on 2011-06-13 #gear #tutorials
    How To Repair Smena 8M Shutter Blade

    Have you ever experienced when you unloading your Smena 8M and just for fun, test firing your Smena 8M and suddenly you notice that 1 of your shutter blades is not working? You will wonder, "Argh!! What happen to my rolls?? Is it nicely exposed or a disaster?".