"Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish." ~ Chuck Palahniuk

Me? A big kid armed with a camera, usually either my Lomo Fisheye or the Supersampler almighty (or both, or more... ;).

I came up with the idea of a collaborative multiple exposure project in 1994 -- calling it CPP, or Corpse Photo-Poetics, an abstraction of the Exquisite Corpse game. At that time, people tended to think that the idea was insane. An art prof once famously asked me, "what's the point?" But another one, a photography teacher, adopted the idea and brought it into his curriculum. Nonetheless, I pushed and staged numerous gallery showings. And now, thanks to Lomo and Flickr, among others, my odd experiment has almost become de rigueur with other film exchange projects wildly proliferating.

I love the idea of plumbing the chaos of random composition, and find the images/results endlessly fascinating, each one an unexpected gift. My very first multi exposures were an accident (playing with a vintage Arrette), and I was instantly hooked.

I don't even consider myself a REAL photographer, just (again) a big kid, and I still can't wait for each chance to load some quaint, good old fashioned film into a camera to go out shooting. Thank you for stopping by. Prost! 8^)


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