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  • Jump!

    shared by arty-arta on 2010-12-20

    Thought I'd capture the moment school was cancelled due to snow ;) Won photo of the week!

  • Red Scale the Gunma

    shared by whynotwinnipeg on 2012-09-17

    wonderful place to visit..

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  • Italian Garden Fountain

    shared by thecheekyscamp on 2012-06-12

    This roll went bonkers! Kodak Aerochrome 35mm, Orange Filter, Rated at 320 ISO, C-41 Dev


    shared by maduz on 2012-10-27

    LOMO LC-A | Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Colours 100 (EBX) I would really like to thank everyone who had participated in this HUNTERLOC. We named it 'Cowboy Style'. There are less things to write, let the photos convey the stories behind our moments!

  • AGFA Time

    shared by metaluna on 2012-08-17

    I have been out of the loop for a few weeks. I need to catch up on friend new albums. I am trying this AGFA film I got online, cheep. Got 10 rolls

  • Expired 2002

    shared by lazybuddha on 2012-08-14

    EIR not Aerochrome! Some a little grainy and the colours not quite as vibrant as Aerochrome but what do you expect from 10 year old film?

  • J's dream

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    When she falls asleep she gets lost in a world of wonderful creatures and huge flower. Doubles with myself - experimenting with the odd and the unexpected.

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    Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Tokyo

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    Tania thanks for all..u are the best 8)

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  • This and that...

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    After the horror-shocking hospital I had been before, some more relaxing photos - except of the Psycho-Barbie...

  • I'm one year elder.

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    Officially turn 26.

  • PHILLY -- COLOGNE Doubles with analogeyes

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    analogeyes did the first layer in Philadelphia , ( the greatest city on this planet !!! ) , I did the second layer in Köln ( Cologne )

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  • Sweet moments in Venezia

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    Mr. Rithirong and Mrs. Kanokwan Chanthongsuk Fashion is the recycle idea.

  • Moldy Rolls

    shared by blueskyandhardrock on 2011-01-18

    i got these really outdated B&Ws from eBay. I was so excited when I got the negatives back and saw that they looked moldy. THE MOLDY LOOK AND THE CONTRAST BETWEEN THE CIRCULAR BALLOONS AND THE POINTED WIND TURBINES ARE WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS SHOT.

  • the wedding

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    these are pictures from the wedding of my dear friend julia. she is the first of my girls who got married. i can promise it was a blast! the location was a castle- amazing setting, amazing day, amazing wedding! X

  • essentials

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    At the market getting only the essentials. A stuffed owl plushie and some polaroid 300 film. You now see how my mind works.

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  • Praktica model L

    shared by yochan on 2010-12-18

    Like my first camera a Praktica :D

  • Fashion photography competition

    shared by peropero on 2012-03-01

    So, this big store here came up with this competition where the people would make the photos for their new look book. 9384398434 people showing off their super expensive equipment and me, the only one using a film camera. I will probably get disqualified for the competition due to 'excessive photoshop' but that's fine, I didnt really shoot for them, I shot for myself. I love fashion photography and could just not lose this opportunity to take pictures of real models. (I know I messed up cutting some feet here and hands there. Sorry.)

  • Madame Tussaud's

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    Audrey Hepburn

  • My beoved Diana went to Paris...

    shared by susielomovitz on 2011-04-19

    and she loved it!

  • Fuerteventura : wind, beers, sun and friends

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    This was the first time I took a plane! And it was really cool to be there with friends! I'll will make a better description and change title per picture later!

  • Fuerteventura

    shared by brommi on 2011-11-27

    ♥ ...Since eleven years I fly with my grandparents and my little brother to Fuerteventura in the autumn for two weeks. In the many years I met a lot of friends and we meet us every year again: same time - same place !

  • BBQ

    shared by shoujoai on 2012-05-03

    Meeting on 1st of may in Cologne for a BBQ. These shots are completly overexposed, I am not yet used to the sun - but I like how they came out!

  • Rainbow Flash Cologne 2012

    shared by nifi on 2012-08-08

    against homophobia "Ja, ich will ein Zeichen setzen!"

  • Morning at the beach....

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  • Cherry Blossoms

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  • Pearl Ridge

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    Hanging out at the Pearl Ridge mall in Aiea.

  • Starbucks and Me!

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    As I love Starbucks, this is the perfect shot! I have only one question....why we don't have Starbucks in Italy?

  • Tous Les Jours

    shared by icuresick on 2011-12-11

    An authentic Korean bakery located at SM North Edsa The Block. I think Koreans love Tous Les Jours, I've heard that this bakery is like a McDonald's or Starbucks, they are everywhere. If you are watching Korean series (Koreanovelas), most of them include scenes with bakery, including Tous Les Jours. Aja!

  • lost and found....

    shared by cremi on 2012-07-26

    c'est un lot de negs déjà développés que j'ai acheté dans une boite contenant divers trucs de photo dans une brocante en vacance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------all those picts are from a "magic box" I bought in a flea market during my hollidays. All the negs were developped and I just scanned them to discover the characters. Enjoy Has I did !

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  • Tour Eiffel

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