• Stir Fried Chestnuts (TaiChung, Taiwan)

    written by dogegg50 on 2011-03-05 #places
    Stir Fried Chestnuts (TaiChung, Taiwan)

    There are not many places left where one can eat chestnuts that are stir fried manually. If you like to eat stir fried chestnuts, you must check out this stall managed by an old couple. Other delicacies they sell include roasted sweet potatoes, and vegetarian smelly tofu. I will try those on my next visit.

  • Shing Hing Railway Station, Taiwan - A Nostalgic Tour

    written by dogegg50 on 2011-01-03 #places
    Shing Hing Railway Station, Taiwan - A Nostalgic Tour

    A good outing location for railway buffs, couples and families, immerse yourself in Taiwan's Railway culture when you happen to swing by this place. It will give you better insight on how much the local railway system figured in daily life in the different Taiwanese cities and of course, gives you another opportunity to bring out your Lomo camera.