• Going Wide with the LC-A+

    written by craigramsden on 2011-07-05 #gear
    Going Wide with the LC-A+

    So, you have seen the awesome capabilities of the LC-W but just can’t afford one yet ,and anyway, you already have a fantastic LC-A+ that you love to bits. Then the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens is exactly what you need in your arsenal.

  • I Love My Yashica-635 TLR

    written by craigramsden on 2011-03-30 #gear
    I Love My Yashica-635 TLR

    Back in 1958 Yashica produced what was then the one and only dual format TLR, the Yashica-635, capable of taking both 120 and 35mm. When I saw this camera it was most definitely love at first sight! “I must have this camera!” I exclaimed, I scanned the internet for a complete one since a lot of them unfortunately seemed to be missing the 35mm kit and fount this one with an original case and kit.