• Tint Your Photos with Beets

    written by blancarleal on 2012-02-17 #gear #tutorials
    Tint Your Photos with Beets

    Forgot your precious color gels? Did you say goodbye to the colorsplash flash at the wrong time, or do you simply want to play with your photos and paper? This is a great trick that makes it easy to give a different feel to your photos!

  • Show Your Films by Candlelight

    written by blancarleal on 2012-02-07 #gear #tutorials
    Show Your Films by Candlelight

    If you have some film negatives in your drawer that didn't make you very happy, it's time to bring it to the light. You can create a very analogue environment with this tipster!

  • The Mies Van Der Rohe Pavillion - Barcelona

    written by blancarleal on 2011-10-25 #places
    The Mies Van Der Rohe Pavillion - Barcelona

    I found myself visiting Barcelona and this time, my feet were directed towards Montjuic. I had been there previously, but this time was different. The underground metro stopped at the Espanya station and I climbed outside to Montjuic. How beautiful! The plaza is very large, there is a lot of traffic and the Palace of Montjuic is there, lying on the hill, watching how everything below is taken care of.

  • Nerasport Camera

    written by blancarleal on 2011-02-22 #gear
    Nerasport Camera

    Christmas holidays was near; was December 24, when I decided to enter the attic to find the box with the usual ornaments – Not this bag, not this box, it neither… oh! What about this? I had not seen it before… What’s in it? - A Nerasport Camera!