While I enjoy making short movies on occasion, as well as writing narratives for homebrew gaming developer Reboot (Gravitic Mines for the Atari Jaguar), photography has proven to be more soothing for me. I'm drawn to decay, abandoned homes, paths that lead nowhere, and the nature that flourishes around it all.

I consider myself an instant shooter, favoring Polaroid and their SLR 680, though Lomography has really opened me up to the Instax format and 35mm.

My cameras are as follows....
- SX-70 Sonar OneStep
- SLR 680SE
- Canon EOS 650
- Pentax K1000
- Pentax ME Super
- Fuji Instax Mini 70
- Fuji Instax Wide 300
- Lomo'Instant Wide
- Lomo'Instant Square Glass
- Holga 120N

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