• Semak Daun

    written by ananditya on 2010-11-17 #places
    Semak Daun

    One of 105 islands in the Thousand Island regency of Jakarta, Semak Daun is a small island that is perfect for quick escapes whenever you get sick of all the craziness in the city. In spite of its small size, there are actually a lot of things to do, enjoy - and take lovely analogue photographs of.


    written by ananditya on 2010-02-20 #news

    Lomographic Society Indonesia proudly presents LOMOGRAPHY LOVES INDONESIA Exhibition. With over 7000 photos from lomographers all over Indonesia, filled with lomowalls and figures, workshops, and entertainment held in one of the biggest shopping mall in town, you surely don't want to miss this important event.

  • Santolo Beach

    written by ananditya on 2009-08-30 #places
    Santolo Beach

    Calm sea and beautiful panorama near Garut, West Java, Indonesia.

  • Sempu Island

    written by ananditya on 2009-08-29 #places
    Sempu Island

    An empty island located south from east java.

  • Coban Pelangi

    written by ananditya on 2009-05-14 #places
    Coban Pelangi

    A 30-meter high waterfall situated east of Malang, at the foot of Mount Semeru. This destination can be visited on the way to Mount Bromo.

  • Mount Bromo (Indonesia)

    written by ananditya on 2009-05-14 #places
    Mount Bromo (Indonesia)

    Mount Bromo is an active volcano at 2329 meters above sea level and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia.

  • Ciwalini Tea Plantation

    written by ananditya on 2009-05-13 #places
    Ciwalini Tea Plantation

    Going 35 kilometer south, straight from Bandung to Ciwalini Tea Plantation. At the foot of Mount Patuha, 2400 meter above the sea level, cool weather, lovely scenery, and free tea.

  • Curug Cimahi

    written by ananditya on 2009-05-10 #places
    Curug Cimahi

    A breathtaking waterfall surrounds by green nature.

  • Kodak HIE Infrared (35mm, 25 iso) user-review

    written by ananditya on 2009-01-08 #gear
    Kodak HIE Infrared (35mm, 25 iso)  user-review

    Kodak HIE is a black and white high-speed infrared film. It is sensitive to infrared radiation and are not sensitive to green light. That's why the leaves on your picture became white and the water become black.

  • Camping in Rancaupas

    written by ananditya on 2009-01-07 #places
    Camping in Rancaupas

    This weekend my friends and I went to Rancaupas for a camping night to enjoy the nature, make a bond with earth, inhaling the clear air of no pollution...okay okay, it's actually just another excuse to have some local beers and smoke weeds, but hey.

  • Pulau Sendal

    written by ananditya on 2009-01-07 #places
    Pulau Sendal

    I went to Pulau Sendal on New Year. No special purpose, it's just so happen that I celebrated the New Year's Eve in Lampung and I really want to see the beach there. So I went to Mutun Beach and take a five minutes boat ride to Pulau Sendal.

  • Ambarawa Railway Museum

    written by ananditya on 2008-12-30 #places
    Ambarawa Railway Museum

    The Ambarawa Railway Museum is located in Ambarawa, Central Java, Indonesia, about 30 km south of the provincial capital Semarang. You can take bus from Semarang to go there. The trip is about an hour.

  • Bali

    written by ananditya on 2008-12-29 #places

    People called Bali as The Island of God. It is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been from its beaches to its mountain. Bali is paradise, from the moment you step out of the airplane the smell of Bali strikes you.

  • Karimunjawa Islands

    written by ananditya on 2008-12-29 #places
    Karimunjawa Islands

    One day an instant message pop-up on my screen, "hey, my uncle is going to Karimunjawa for his works, wanna come with us?" Kariwunjawa Islands consists of 27 little island, it is located in the north side of Central Java, Indonesia (on the map I marked Jepara, it's actually the white dots on the north of it).