• LomoPeople Malaysia: Mohd Nizamsha

    written by adzfar on 2011-12-22
    LomoPeople Malaysia: Mohd Nizamsha

    Hi Malaysian and Lomography community. Today I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite lomographers from Malaysia. You can call him Nizam.

  • LomoPeople Malaysia: Hadrulazem

    written by adzfar on 2011-12-21
    LomoPeople Malaysia: Hadrulazem

    Hi Lomography community! It's me again. This time, I want to introduce you to one of my friends, Hadrulazem. You can call him Azem. Azem is new to the Lomography world so let's welcome him!

  • LomoPeople Malaysia: Azlan Shaukani

    written by adzfar on 2011-12-14
    LomoPeople Malaysia: Azlan Shaukani

    Hi Malaysians and Lomography community! Did you know who's Azlan Shaukani? Azlan is one of the thousands Malaysian lomographer that is very active in Lomography thingy.

  • LomoPeople Malaysia: Qayyum Qadri

    written by adzfar on 2011-12-10
    LomoPeople Malaysia: Qayyum Qadri

    What do you expected with kids while he or she in front of you camera? Kids are adorable, and one of the source of inspiration with their innocent expression.

  • Taman Rimba Riang: A Place for Outdoorsy Folks

    written by adzfar on 2011-12-08 #places
    Taman Rimba Riang: A Place for Outdoorsy Folks

    Taman Rimba Riang is a suitable place for family to do outdoor activities.

  • Show Your World with the LC-Wide

    written by adzfar on 2011-11-27 #gear
    Show Your World with the LC-Wide

    Do you own a Lomo LC-Wide camera by Lomography? The first time I handled this camera, I felt very nervous.

  • LomoPeople Malaysia: Farah Atiqah

    written by adzfar on 2011-11-18
    LomoPeople Malaysia: Farah Atiqah

    Farah Atiqah is a girlfriend of mine. She was born on September 1st 1989. We have been friends since July 2009.

  • The Curve's Weekend Street Market

    written by adzfar on 2011-10-10 #places
    The Curve's Weekend Street Market

    For Malaysians, have you visited the street market at the Curve Mutiara Damansara? This street mart is very popular for those who're looking for accessories, t-shirts, toys, gifts etc.

  • IPC Shopping Centre

    written by adzfar on 2011-10-04 #places
    IPC Shopping Centre

    IPC Shopping Centre (IPC) also known as Ikano Power Centre, located in Mutiara Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia is one of the best shopping mall in Selangor, Malaysia.

  • Eye On Malaysia

    written by adzfar on 2008-07-25 #places
    Eye On Malaysia

    The Eye on Malaysia, the largest portable ‘observation wheel’ in the world, was unveiled by the Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia on 6 January 2006 in conjunction with the grand launch of the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 celebration.

  • Kuala Lumpur City Centre

    written by adzfar on 2008-07-25 #places
    Kuala Lumpur City Centre

    Kuala Lumpur City Center refers to the commercial center located in the heart of the city that includes the Petronas Twin Towers, the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, a park, a 5-star hotel and prime office blocks. Strategically located in the center of Kuala Lumpur, which gives rise to its name, KLCC and the areas around it are some of the main destinations for shopping, clubbing and business for both locals and internationals.