TORI Lomography Camera Set

My new TORI Lomo Camera


  1. jaybees80
    jaybees80 ·

    I have the same in France and taking picture with it!

  2. akamikazebutterfly
    akamikazebutterfly ·

    thats brilliant! were you already a lomography fan when you bought it?

  3. toriamosjp
    toriamosjp ·

    I have got it :) I am using it taking pictures for Tori lomo contest :)

  4. geka
    geka ·

    I soooooo much would like to have this camera! I've got a "normal" Diana F+, which is a great camera, too, but I love Tori Amos' music and the Tori Amos Diana F+. I'm a bit envious of those who already have this camera. It's such a beauty. Can't wait to see the contest winners of the Tori Lomi contest...

  5. vwtazz
    vwtazz ·

    I recently found a second one, like new on ebay so it goes with me everywhere now. I even bought the Lomo case for it,don't want to scratch it up now.