Community LomoAmigo Gangan and His LomoKino Films from Japan


Aside from being a very active Lomographer, Kazuhiro or gangan from our Community is one patient and creative LomoKino addict!

He shoots as much as he can and plots his LomoKino movies very well. Coming from the beautiful country of Japan, read on Kazuhiro’s very interesting interview and get a few tips here and there. Enjoy!

Full Name: Kazuhiro Iwasaki (岩崎 和寛)
Lomography Username: gangan
Location: Kanagawa, Japan

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

Hi, this is Kazuhiro, who goes by GANGAN. I’m a System Engineer. I fight with a computer every day, and enjoy cameras during the truce. I’ve been interested in taking movies just recently (composition, switching of the scene, editing…) since it’s absolutely different from photo.

How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you find out about the Community?

It has been already 10 years since I got my first Lomo camera (SuperSampler). I found it at a fancy goods shop. How did I find it? Mmm… I forgot… It was the home page with a previous version.

Describe the LomoKino in five words.

Compact but great film eater.

The Japanese Fall by gangan

How did you like shooting with the LomoKino?

I like shooting just without thinking like unconsciously. But I love shooting with a script, storyboard, tools and rehearsals!

What or who has inspired you to purchase and use the LomoKino?

First of all, I thought that I cannot use this camera during night time when I joined its launch. But when I saw the speedy-charging of the Fritz the Blitz, that what made me purchase.

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had with it?

Nobody ignores the LomoKino when they pass our shooting, therefore I usually call (almost yell) “Ready, start!” on purpose to get more attention. :)

If you could shoot any person alive or dead (or imaginary) with your LomoKino, who would it be and why?

I would say the “King of Comedy Charlie Chaplin!” with his own script plus of course I would like to be the director and shooter — wooo! Also, my best friend, 8sea, who I really think is a great actor. I also don’t get nervous when shooting with him at all :p

Kindly share to us any LomoKino movie you love the most.

“Ghost on the Beach” of satomi which was my first liked LomoKino movie. It gave me great impact because it has what I really wanted to try at that time such as cross process and stop motion.


Also, “Shall We Be in Love?” of 8sea (my best friend, as I mentioned above), what I shot with him at a workshop LomoKino.


I and the staff of LomoJapan are on that movie, which is like a PV of Lomography.

Any future plans with your LomoKino? More shoots or a full-length film perhaps?

Now I am editing a film (hope it will be done by when this article is published). And I am with another two scripts, of course they are comedy!

Your advice to future LomoKino users.

I said the LomoKino is “compact but great film eater,” however he works excellent results! Yes, he is also a “compact and great film creator”!

You’d better shoot whenever you come up with any new idea to shoot, and shoot as much as you want with extra films!

See more films by Gangan below

“Young Love’:

Camera Thief

School of Rock

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