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Today in History (1800): Photography Pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot was Born

Let us pay homage to one of photography’s most important figures, William Henry Fox Talbot, inventor of the calotype, who celebrates his 214th birth anniversary today.

Salt Printing: How to do One of the Earliest Photographic Processes in History at Home!

Print images onto ordinary paper turned light-sensitive by some almost magical alchemy from the earliest days of photographic history. Salt your paper with ordinary table-salt and sensitize it with silver-nitrate. Contact print large negatives in the sunlight and see the images appear right before your eyes. No darkroom needed.

London Lomo Adventure: Carnaby to Spitalfields

At a loose end in London, Lukaaus (my little brother) and I decided to walk from Lomo to Lomo, via pretty much anywhere we fancied! As we weaved our way east, we captured some famous and unusual shots. Enjoy!

Somerset House, London

In 2009, I got the opportunity to go to a London Fashion Week show at Somerset House as a camera assistant. Whilst on a lunch break, I took some summer photos of Somerset House and its views of the Thames.

Purple Greece
housing complex: the snake

My Love-and-Hate Affair With the Belair: A Review, Part 1

Part one of my lengthy but hopefully extensive review of Lomography's Belair x 6-12

My first Horizon Perfect photos
My first Horizon Perfect photos

How a CD Shelf Turns into a Camera Shelf

Because I own tiny, old cameras from flea markets or from the 'Bucht', I wanted to present them for visitors and didn't want that they go to seed in a closet.

Making Those Annoying Horizontal Lines on Your Photos Disappear

A simple fix for those horizontal lines that appear on your shots when scanning.

The World in 360º

Learn how to make a round Spinner in 6 simple steps with this tutorial!

pink grapefruit
Another foggy Morning LC-A style
Palace of Fine Arts

A Tale of Two Cities: 3191 Miles Apart

3191 miles is the approximate distance between Portland, Maine, and Portland Oregon. It's the title of a blog shared between two friends who live in the aforementioned cities. Their story is special and one we Lomographers may relate to.

UK Cityslicker Marianne- Nottingham: The home of Raleigh

When we were given the task of writing about something unique about our cities, the first thing that came to my mind about Nottingham was the tale of Robin Hood. However, Robin Hood seemed too obvious a choice and I wanted to learn something I did not know about Nottingham in the process of writing this article. So I asked a few friends, visited the city tourism centre and to my delight discovered something I personally had never known about Nottingham.

Pinholes & Sprockets - Making a Film Box Pinhole Camera!

Kodak? Fuji? Whatever film you use, save those empty film boxes my fellow lomographers and I'll show you how to can make your very own pinhole camera with them!

LomoGuru of the Week: Superkulisap

This week's LomoGuru might just be the perfect example of a Lomography Community member.

Golden Gate Bridge
London Meets LA - Doubles with Sedgetone

UK CitySlicker Ellie: Introduce Yourself and Your Town

Let's meet our new UK CitySlicker Eleanor and learn about Thrapston, her hometown.

Sam Cornwell: On History, Photography, and Processed Chicken

UK-based photographer Sam Cornwell gives us a more in-depth look on his short film "Pilgrimage", his shooting style, and why he thinks digital photography is like processed chicken.

20 Lomo Milestones Part 2: 11 -20

In the past 4 years that I have been using Lomography cameras, I have used a number of cameras and films and tried to experiment with my techniques. Here is part 2 in my list of 20 Lomo milestones.

LomoAmigo Thomas Uses Lomography Cameras for Professional Purposes

Please meet Thomas from Brussels in Belgium. A true blue Lomographer for years, we are proud to introduce him as one of our beloved Lomo Amigos. Have a look at his story, his beautiful photo work, and get inspired. You definitely will.