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New photos for my article: The Joy of Living Barefoot or...My Preferred Photos Tagged Feet

Summertime, so this is time to take off socks and shoes and enjoy the freedon to live barefooted. So... enjoy this update to my article!

Photos of feet, people barefooted, photos taken “just for fun”! Nice photos, for this update to my article

Sexy and sensual sole on the road!

Almost perfect feet with and without socks!

Smiling (and smelling?) soles!

Photo by aml1995

Funny dirty soles…

Big and small soles on an expired film…

And lovely soles in a nice summer!

Photo by life_on_mars

Together is fun!

Photo by lomodustin


Photo by magrifas

Nice toes and soles in a series of Fisheye photos!

Other nice soles in a genial double exposure!

Photo by lucyblackbird

Show us your soles! Together is so fun!

Photo by lotte-lomo-mull

Cute and fun!

Photo by jillpossible

Nice d.o.f. for two nice soles! (Thanks @lonur for the message!)

Photo by lonur

Nice feet with a nice use of the splitzer!

Photo by vicuna

Nice soles and great tones! Summertime photos!

Two nice photos of feet above the water…

… and some funny underwater!

Zero gravity!

Side A… and side B!

Some great diptychs with cute feet and nice portraits!

Lovely pink feet! Love the red colors of the nails on the fresh green grass!

Photo by fafascinado

Some nice black and white photos!

Nice solarization!

Another b/w, with nice hand and a pretty little feet!

Photo by japsix


Photo by in_ka

Nice soles, and I love the broken net of the socks!

Photo by guayabazo

Barefoot in the park, a timeless b/w!

Photo by ddibiase

Crossed feet:

Time to climb…

Photo by ruyatuna

… and time to relax!

Photo by chesnokova

Again nice and pretty feet, with very natural tones in this photo. The beautiful arch of the sole is posed in a very natural way!

Photo by erikagrendel

Here an interesting soft focusing, great for these delicate soles!

Photo by pam_

Red nails on a red background

Photo by minilidia

Lovely plantar arch!

Photo by minilidia

I’m learning to paint my nails… ;)

Photo by strangelilgirl

Small smiling face, funny big soles!

Beautiful crossprocessing, nice curled toes!

Photo by dakadev_pui

Nice tattoo, very elegant feet


Four beautiful legs and nice feet! Interesting tones!

Photo by soundsdelicious

A studio photo with nice soles:

Photo by vidumshitsa

Nice b/w soles!

Photo by legacy

… and lovely pink feet!

Photo by legacy

Dirty soles on the beach!

Photo by dopic

Another great idea, great composition with dirty soles in the foreground!

Photo by elicia

Love this nice soles in this imperfect photos (horizon tilted) ;)

Photo by turuncumavi

Nice pink monochromy!

Photo by danielnegreiros

Diana Mini loves nice feet!

A tangle of feet!

Nice close up!

Photo by pedrogalvez

Take off your socks… enjoy your freedom!

Is she sleeping?

Photo by punanemoon

Funny crossprocessing!

Photo by fusy_z_nosa

Funny big feet!

Photo by robertofiuza

Dirty feet and washed film… funny idea!

It’s going to rain again…

Simple and delicate:

Photo by ropi

Take your shoes off… and jump!

Photo by ghuido

Side “A” and Side “B” (soles)!

Photo by melly_ramone

Floating toes!

Photo by paulinetuesday


Photo by clownshoes

In jeans and barefooted, 100% “casual” dress!

Photo by milos

And… it’s going to rain again!

Photo by ishifishy

Love is in the air…

and here love is … underwater!

Photo by ena

Lovely feet and great tattoo!

Lift your feet up and show me your nice soles!

Photo by shufflet

Lovely feet and colorful balloons!

SprockFEET time!

Instant feet… very delicate tones!

Photo by pearlgirl77

TV in a hotel room (like a masterpiece album of Lee Friedlander)… with wonderful feet!

Photo by lieselotte-filz

Underwater friendship!

Nice use of flashes!

So fun, so well composed, nice colors and… pretty feet!

Great photos, nice legs and perfect feet in the foreground!

Pretty little feet near the window! Nice!

Photo by moon_fish

So fun!

Photo by qlamerand

Big feet in a funny summertime photo!

Photo by limpi

Lovely feet and lovely reflection!

Photo by lomofrue

Very nice feet in an excellent composition!

Photo by marjanbuning

The work of the housewife! With a lot of fun!

Photo by marjanbuning

Nice underwater!

Photo by bebopbebop

Nice colors and wonderful smile!

Photo by civcivli

I also love to ride the carousels barefooted! It seem to fly in the sky!

Photo by jjugan27

Fantastic composition!

Photo by megsshelly

Two nice underwater, taken with a Frogeye camera:

Funny and nice dirty soles!

Hands and feet together in a nice nude pose!

She is in jeans and barefooted! Even in autumn, fantastic! I love this kind of portrait! Great idea to focus on her feet… and nice smile too!

Photo by deriz


A very nice and sexy feet in a great portrait!

Photo by shannonymous

Very nice colors and wonderful soles!

Photo by panpriatel

Another couple of great nudes!

A panoramic photos for two long feet!

Photo by crevans27

Funny under toes!

Photo by adelinasbm

Bareooted on a skateboard, a very original idea!

Photo by jorindee

A wonderful feet, in a broken net sock!

Photo by helenapie

Very nice “soap and water” feet, in a wonderful sea. Imperfect framing, but I love this photo, very natural!

Photo by tesslucia

Great vivid colors and wonderful d.o.f.!

Photo by herzkoenigin

Nice little soles… let’s swim!

Photo by guanatos

Like this girl, I love to ride the carousels barefooted!

Photo by vitorialeona

Yoga time! Fun!

Photo by hippopo0838

Lovely soles in a nice SprockFEET Rocket photo ;)

Photo by argenius

Funny summertime portrait!

Photo by jsmcbride

Funny idea, nice feet and great colors!

Photo by koalasve

Nice soles in a nice Instax!

Photo by ricoyong

A great use of the Diana Mini!

Photo by natalieerachel

Enjoy! Happy feet!

written by sirio174


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