• La Robot 3 ojos

    written by sc-ting on 2011-08-18 in #reviews
    La Robot 3 ojos

    A diferencia de las cámaras convencionales de multi-objetivo, ¡este pequeño robot de 3 ojos definitivamente llama un poco la atención por parte de los que te rodean! Pero no deje que su linda apariencia que se vea como una pieza barata de basura. Vas a ser sorprendido por los resultados que esta pequeña cosa puede ofrecer!

  • Sofort entwickelt!

    written by sc-ting on 2011-07-05 in #reviews
    Sofort entwickelt!

    Warum nach einer verrückten Party warten, bis die Fotos entwickelt werden? Mit dieser kompakten Instantkamera kannst du deine Partyfotos sofort betrachten! Sie hält perfekte Fotos im Taschenformat bereit, mit der jede Party nur besser werden kann! Worauf wartest du noch? Hol dir diese Kamera, und deine Fotos sind sofort fertig.

  • In un istante!

    written by sc-ting on 2011-06-24 in #reviews
    In un istante!

    Perché aspettare dopo una festa assurda per ottenere le foto sviluppate? Non lasciate che la selvaggia festa finisca, grazie a questo pazza fotocamera compatta istantanea! Con le perfette foto tascabili che può offrire, ogni festa può solo che migliorare! Cosa stai aspettando? Prendi questa fotocamera e le foto saranno pronti in un istante.

  • In An Instant!

    written by sc-ting on 2011-06-18 in #reviews
    In An Instant!

    Why wait after a crazy party to get photos developed? Don't let the wild party stop with this crazy compact instant camera! With the perfect pocket-sized photos it can offer, any party can only get better! What are you waiting for? Get this camera, and your photos will be ready in an instant.

  • The 3-Eyed Robot

    written by sc-ting on 2011-06-16 in #reviews
    The 3-Eyed Robot

    Unlike the conventional multi-lens cameras, this little 3-eyed robot will definitely catch some attention from those around you! But don't let its cute appearance make it look like a cheap piece of junk. You'll be shocked by the results this little thing can offer!

  • Lomography Workshops, the Place to Be

    written by sc-ting on 2011-05-19 in #world #locations
    Lomography Workshops, the Place to Be

    If you don't know this already, Lomography Gallery Stores all over the world feature several workshops every month! What are you waiting for? Sign up for an exciting workshop now by checking out events under the magazine tab!

  • Get in Touch with Nature, Analogue Style

    written by sc-ting on 2011-04-26 in #world #locations
    Get in Touch with Nature, Analogue Style

    Sudbury is known for their mining industry, leaving large rocks covered in black soot. However, they are also known for their beautiful scenery, especially during the autumn season.

  • Lomo Back in Time: Distillery District

    written by sc-ting on 2011-04-22 in #world #locations
    Lomo Back in Time: Distillery District

    Even in all four seasons, it's the place for you. Definitely a must-visit destination in this town. Constructed for more than over 100 years in the heart of Toronto, if you haven't already visited it, join in and LOMO ON!