I collect vintage cameras and use them whenever I get the chance. The cameras I am currently using include:-

Kodak Retina II (Type 142), Recesky TLR, Rolleiflex 'Old' Standard, Ricoh 500RF, Argus C2, Fed3 type A, Pentax Auto 110,Fotorama Viewshooter, Franka Frankarette, Yunon DX-1000, Elikon 4, Universal Buccaneer, Holga 120GN, Blackbird Fly, Practika FX, Fotorama Viewshooter, Minox 35 ML, Zorki 3, Oshiro 3C's, Chaika III, Seagull 205A and Welta Weltix

I also process my own black and white film, generally using Ilford ID-11 and have just started experimenting with Caffinol. I have also started processing C41 colour too.

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