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Best of the Best: Richard Avedon

"Photography has always reminded me of the second child... trying to prove itself. The fact that it wasn’t really considered an art... that it was considered a craft... has trapped almost every serious photographer." – Richard Avedon

Your Pinhole Ghost

How does one photograph themselves to be transparent without doing a double exposure you ask? It's simple! Continue reading and find out how!

Forget Your Film!

Sometimes forgetting is not so bad...

Splitzer and Masks at the Same Time?

Or how a crazy idea led to another, and another... Discover my "disasters".

The Great Big Lomography Film Bible: Colour Reversal/Slide Film Edition Pt. 3

As part of our tireless quest to bring you the most complete analogue film information on the planet, we present Part 3 of the Great Big Lomography Film Bible: Colour Reversal/Slide Film Edition. Today, it’s all about Fuji!

Spice Up Your Life

You all have it at home - and it will spice up your photos

The manual Light-leak effect

A pure experiment. It is an all-or-nothing tipster. It all began with a small accident...

Baking Gives the Blues

With all this baking soda and dishwashing, I thought I would have some fun with my film myself. So I powdered up my film with some baking soda and gave it a drink in red wine vinegar. Some rinsing with water, drying, shooting, and developing and every picture has a blue hue. Here's how I did it.

Load Your 120 Diana with 35mm Film without Using the Special 35mm Back

Want to use 35mm film in your regular Diana camera but haven't got the special 35mm back. Well you can all you need is a slight modification and you can happily shoot sprocket framed snaps with the aid of some foam and electrical tape.

Learn bokeh with Bibio

British musician Bibio is famous for his kaleidoscopic sounds, and his love of bokeh. In fact his latest album is called Mind Bokeh. But what the hell does bokeh mean? Here are Bibio's tips on how to get the best bokeh from your Diana F+ and close-up lens.

The Creative Diarist: Emulsion Transfer Tipster

Do you have tons of Lomographs and a boring home? Are you looking for alternative ways to print? Helen from top blog The Creative Diarist shares her tips on how to print onto ceramic, wood, teacups, your wall....

Lost in development...

How to care for film! Film is expensive. Even cheap film, because its takes time, energy and patience to develop film or get it developed. Film images are magical and even more so when they are developed well.

Masking with Diana F+

A tipster regarding acetate masking with your beloved Diana F+

HQME - High Quantity Multiple Exposure

It works in daytime, too.... And try this technique with Lomography Redscale XR

HolgaJen Is Our Homegirl

"For me, photography is a way to express myself. When I photograph I feel a sense of release ~ it's almost like therapy. My goal is to use my imagination to create a new perspective of reality, something elusive and evocative," says Jennifer Henriksen. Now, let's take a slight heave of breath while we delve into her dreamy and lovely Holga-filled world.

Shelbie and Her Photographs Shine Like Diamonds

Shelbie integrates the flow of nature into her photographs - light and water alike. She documents fantasy and realism and her pictures portray emotional honesty - gemlike in every angle.

Ellen Rogers: Instilled with Lustre and Wonder

Ellen Rogers' timeless fashion photographs emanate alluring beauty and subtle seduction. They portray dream and grace and they transport you in another era of aura and solitude. She breathes and lives in her darkroom. She is an artist of analogue photography.

Sweet Love for Planet Earth or A Selection of Great Nature Photos

Today is Earth Day, and for that special occasion we've compiled a gallery of great nature photographs on Lomography.

Shutter Happy

If you want to be mesmerized by youth's spell and meet everyday Peter Pans and Tinkerbells, let Ryan McGinley's photos take you to his neck of the woods.

Twins' Lens Reflexes: The Pulleys' Photography

Kate Pulley and Amanda Pulley are lovely twins, not just biologically, but also photographically. They are the best of friends and together, they create whimsical photographs of each other. Let us dissect their conjoined photographic memories as we get to know them individually. Kate, blow us away!

In the Company of Fairies: 5 Photographs that Tricked the World

In 1917, two young girls from the village of Cottingley in England managed to take five photographs showing themselves in the company of fairies. People went crazy over the snapshots, with a famous author among the biggest fans!

Supernatural Snapshots: William Mumler's Spirit Photos

If you find ghostly apparitions on your film photos creepy, William Mumler found it a lucrative business. Find out how this jewelry engraver established a career as a spirit photographer in the 1860's!

Best of the Best: Ilse Bing

"I didn’t choose photography; it chose me. I didn’t know it at the time. An artist doesn’t think first then do it, he is driven." – Ilse Bing

PYHOF: Director's Cut by Kate Bush

The strange but charming Kate Bush is back with a new album, Director's Cut. Check out the album cover - a nod to her love for analog!

Chiaroscuro: Playing with Light and Shadows in the Lomographic World

Chiaroscuro is a term that people don't always hear, but see in many paintings, movies, and photographs. What exactly is it? Feed your curiosity and take a look at some interesting photos from the community depicting this technique.

At Least 35 Years in the Making

One of our retail marketing managers from Vienna, Bastian Schürholz, has unknown film photographs he would like to share with us... all of which remained undeveloped for 3 decades and a half - wow!

Sepulchral: A Journey in the Necropolis by Ellen Rogers: The Muse

For quite a while now, our forever-lovely Ellen has been brewing something really extravagant for our eyes. This time, she imparts with us the pulchritude of her favourite inspiration: Hana, her muse. Read on and be mesmerized.

Astrid Kirchherr and the Beatles

In the early sixties, Astrid Kirchherr and friends regularly visited the Kaiserkeller Club in Hamburg to see a band that referred themselves to as the Beatles perform, not knowing they would one day become one of the most famous bands in the world. It was before Ringo Starr was even part of the group.

Dan Carrillo's Beautiful Wet Plate Portraits

A Seattle-based photographer has taken close to 100 portraits using the wet collodion method, an early photographic process developed in the 19th century.

Michael Dunham's Moody Photos from an Unused 1949 Film

When a photographer finds some expired films from 1949 on auction, he felt compelled yet a bit regretful to "disturb" it. Nevertheless, he shoots with it and gets some beautiful photos full of mood and character.

Taylor Scott's Super Film Photographs

If Taylor Scott's photographs had lungs, they'd be super: super vivid, super saturated, super dreamy -- just incredibly super!

Sticky Shutter = Nice Results!

My camera shutter is sticky... Should I throw it out with the garbage? Leave it on the shelf to gather dust? Or donate it to a museum? No way! Keep it for yourself and go out to take some shots! Expect the unexpected!

Stutter Steps