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Back To Basics: Filters Part II

Many cameras have a screw thread on the front of the lens. There are a few uses for this, but the most common is filters. Find out how to enhance your colour lomographs with these essential items

Back To Basics: Aperture and Depth of Field

Get control over your aperture and you can be more creative, plus, how aperture affects photographies most common misconception, bokeh.

Secondhand Love Affair: Zenit EM Moskva '80

A love story between a Malaysian student and a lovely Russian. I know you're curious, so why don't you go ahead and read about it after the jump!

The Sunny 16 Rule

Got an older Lubitel, bought an antique camera with a broken light meter or none at all? Don't rush out and buy an expensive new light meter, give Sunny 16 a go first!

Back To Basics: SLR Walkthrough

As back to basics draws to a close we look at a true sex object of the 1960's. Capturing everyone from Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy to Mick Jagger and The Beatles. The fully manual SLR.

Back To Basics: Film 101

Good negatives make good prints. Bad negatives make prints that are too dark or are all blown out. This tipster is all about getting the balance right.

Back to Basics: Film Speed

Getting blurry shots when you shoot inside? Night shots all browny looking or washed out? Got no detail in clouds or snow or on beaches? Get the right film for the job.

Back to Basics: Stop It Up, Stop It Down

When you start in film photography, you may be suprised to be constantly told to 'stop' it. This isn't us being mean, it's a fundamental of photography.