• Make Your Own Color Filter!

    written by dainy on 2012-07-04 in #gear #tipster
    Make Your Own Color Filter!

    Would you also like photos with amazing red, green, blue and yellow shades? You can easily make ones to put behind and in front of your lens on your own!

  • 8 Easy but Awesome Beginner Tips

    written by nadinadu on 2011-09-16 in #gear #tipster
    8 Easy but Awesome Beginner Tips

    Anyone who has spent enough time in the Lomo Society will have a faint idea of some popular tricks people like to do which give you great results! So this Tipster is for all the Lomo-Beginners out there! (Not saying that I am in any way an expert on these! I just happened to see other people doing them and felt like spreading the idea for the newbies!)

  • Do the Walking Double!

    written by goonies on 2012-11-21 in #gear #tipster
    Do the Walking Double!

    Do you love film swaps? Do you love walking with your friends to take lots of pictures? Read on if your answer is "YES!"