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New photos for my article: Lift your feet up!

Nice feet, funny feet! Photos taken just for fun. So... lift your feet up, and take a photo!

Again winter time. So this is time do add new photos to my article – Enjoy!

Lift up your feet in Paris… lift up everywhere!

Even in a boat… lift your feet up!

Basketball time!

Wonderful portraits… funny ideas!

Nice b/w series!

Show me your feet in this lovely, nice bath full of soap bubbles!

Photo by rafaelcoala

Super fun!

Photo by aristea

Super cute feet and nice tones!

Photo by ahben10

Great series in a wonderful festival!

Lovely yellow/green tones!

A piece of art! Great idea!

Photo by maximum_b

Wonderful colors underwater!

Photo by wawasonico

Funny sequence!

Photo by barakalofi

Together is so fun!

Photo by karlijn

Great timing, great colors, masterpieces!

Show me your lovely soles in a nice and funny jump!

Or when you are swimming, in a genial use of the supersampler camera!

Photo by ishoxi

And again, in a funny upside-down!

Photo by lomography

Lift up your hands… and your feet too!

Photo by opheliaisme

Funny diptychs!

Nice curled foot!

Photo by jprswim

Great instant photo!

Photo by dida

Great point of view! And great b/w!

Photo by tall_bastard

Up toward the sky!

and … down into the sea!

Feet up! it is diving time! Joyful photos!

Even in winter… take off your shoes, throw away your socks, lift up your feet, and… take a photo!

Climb up to the mountain pass… and lift your feet up toward the sky!

Lovely colors!

Photo by jennson

Lift your soles up… and take a sunbath!

Very nice feet, great detail!

Nice green tones!

Great diptych, very fun!

Photo by ezgeey

Even in b/w with a nice light! Lift up your feet!



Nice backlight!

Photo by lomodustin


Photo by 199202

She is smiling, I’m sure!

Photo by langlaisben

Even in a rainy day… lift your feet up on your bed or on your sofa!

Pretty smile and nice soles!

Photo by zarahkeepsbecky

Lift your SPROCKfeet ROCKET up!

Lift up your feet in your room!

Cold water?

Photo by quintavius

Even in a park, lift your soles up!

Again in a park, in a timeless b/w series!

And again in a park! Upside down is fun!

Photo by tiano

And… underwater is better!

And, with many friend, is wonderful!

Photo by eastmoe

Others nice underwater!

Show me your soles… using a fisheye! Fun and colorful!

Nice colors for nice legs in a nice experiment!

Photo by saskiaboer

Funny fisheye!

Photo by thomasstephen

Even with the help of your friends… lift your feet up!

Lift your soles up… and rotate your photo!

Photo by sacagrapas

Even in a car… show your feet lifted up!

Lift your feet up… and read!

Photo by dakadev_pui

Summertime b/w!

Photo by dmigor

… and summertime in color!

Photo by unearthedangel

Great idea in a portrait!

Photo by amapola_sophie

Hold your position!

Great pole dance series!

Supersampler time!

A gymn exercise showing funny big soles!

Lift your feet up… in a multiple exposure!

Photo by vtotheici

More photos will be added in the future! Happy feet!

written by sirio174


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    Deleted for error and republished now ;)

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    Great selection!

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    hey!! thanks!!! :D

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  4. selina-p


    Really great article with such amazing photos! And I'm feeling flattered that my photo has also been used here! :)

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