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  • Local Flavor: the City of Constanta

    written by lucretia on 2011-07-26 #places
    Local Flavor: the City of Constanta

    Constanta is one of the most important cities in Romania. It has a population of approximately 310,000 inhabitants, it hosts the biggest port of the Black Sea and the largest seaside resort in Romania. Constanta is my hometown and is the most impressive during the summer! Its the time when the colors of the city really shine and Constanta immediately comes to life.

  • The Park with Rocks

    written by lucretia on 2011-07-15 #places
    The Park with Rocks

    The Park with Rocks is my favorite park in Constanta. However, this is not its real name. I have been calling it by this name since I was little, as this particular park is full of large rocks. But if you look closely, you will find that they are quite special!