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  • Three Nights in New York City

    written by stouf on 2011-07-23 #places
    Three Nights in New York City

    Here are a few spots in New York City that the average tourist (I) shouldn’t (didn’t) miss.

  • The Phobia Post: Fear of Solitude

    written by sirio174 on 2015-10-17
    The Phobia Post: Fear of Solitude

    It is possible to fear solitude. But of its many forms, I only fear the kind that goes unnoticed, the one you cannot share with other people. Photography, with its end goal of being seen, helps ease this kind of solitude.

  • Kodak Tourist: My Oldest Friend

    written by jodidopanki on 2011-11-11 #gear
    Kodak Tourist: My Oldest Friend

    Story of an old camera. About how to get lucky without knowing, unexpected failures and light leaks...and some meaningless blabbering.

  • Waiting in the Queue to Wimbledon

    written by wil6ka on 2009-01-31 #places
    Waiting in the Queue to Wimbledon

    This Summer a long time dream of me came true - at least superficially;) I was always a tennis-crack in my teenage years, spent more time on the court than anywhere else. Back in the days I worshiped Boris Becker and imagined being a pro and playing in Wimbledon. Well, the story turned otherwise - but I played last Tuesday for the first time in six years, afterward my ass was aching - but this is another story.

  • Mt.Inwangsan – the Green/Holy/Touristy/Millitary Hill

    written by wil6ka on 2012-07-03 #places
    Mt.Inwangsan – the Green/Holy/Touristy/Millitary Hill

    The construction of the lomographic guide of Seoul is gaining pace and content. And so I thought I should pull out a merry old location to join the jam. A few years back on my first stay in Seoul, I discovered a green mountain in the middle of a city made of concrete and steel. Mount Iwangsan is a big city delight with a lot of incentives and shamanic ghosts.